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September-December 1934

September 1934

From two small looseleaf pages tucked inside the diary:

My College Diary

Thursday, Sept. 13.
This afternoon at two-thirty I peeled my last pear at Libby’s cannery for this year, and will start my college career tomorrow.
I wonder what the next four years will hold for me, I hope at the end a B.A. from Reed, and a position in some high school.
Sat., Sept. 15.
Yesterday was all very exciting.  When I arrived at Reed, I went to the table to ask for my registration material.  At 9 o’clock went to the assembly at which President Keezer, Ivar Hanson, president of the student body and the president A.R.A. spoke.  After lunch Peggy and I signed up for a gym locker and payed fifty cents for our gym towels which means a clean towel every day.  From 1:10 – 2:10 we took the Thurston Aptitude test, which was horrid.  I got home about 3:30 rather weary, but not too tired to go out to practice until suppertime.  Today just as I was going up the walk to the Arts building, I met Marjorie and we went over to the library together for the tour.  After that I paid my fees, arranged my gym class and signed up for tennis + swimming.  At 11:30 took my reading test and then Marjorie and I went to the commons for lunch.  After I got my conferences assigned + obtained signatures, I completed my registration.  Marjorie and I then went over town and bought our gym suits and I bought two tennis balls.
Sunday Sept. 16.  This has been a quiet uneventful day.  Went to Sunday School, and practiced music before and after lunch.  Made out my study schedule and find I will have a very very busy year.  We took a walk at seven and are ready to make pancakes for supper.  Then for a chapter in “Pollyanna in Hollywood” and to bed.

[From here on out, everything else is written in the diary]

September 26, 1934  When I came home from college Muriel + Violet surprised me with this lovely present.  I am going to copy the few entrances from my other diary.

September 27, 1934  This afternoon Carol + I went Bug hunting + caught 15 bugs.  After our swim, studied in library until 5:30.  Mother + Daddy gave me a lovely briefcase.

September 28, 1934  Caught a dragon-fly to-day.  Am taking Violet and Muriel to the A.R.A. Bonfire to night.  enjoyed my briefcase.

September 29, 1934  While Violet was working at the coffee shop, I tried to catch up with my schoolwork for this week.  Violet quit her job tonight because the hours were too long.

September 30, 1934  Violet, Ruth + I went to S.S.  Violet didn’t like “Pop” Sage because he used the expression “cold blooded” 6 times in his talk.  Catch a beetle + red-legged bug.

October 1934

October 1  It seems hard to believe Oct. is here already.  Muriel left at 2 o'clock today but Violet is still here hoping to get a job

October 2  In biology lecture to-day, Mr. Griffin told us the test before Thanksgiving was important.  If we flunk it, we have to drop the course.

October 3  There was a new-student assembly to-day at which Dr. Cerf talked on the honor principle.  Vi went over town to see about a sewing + pressing job.

October 4  Oma + I went "bugging" in the afternoon.  Then we read the Odyssey in a secluded corner of the campus.  Audith told me she doesn't like the home she is writing in.

October 5  At assembly today we heard a French lecture.  I was able to recognize a few words.  Played tennis for 2 hours.  Danced with Violet this evening.

October 6  Vi + I went over town and I bought some blue wool crepe + some blue + red plaid silk for a new dress.  Ruth came over + we spent the evening dancing.

October 7  Vi + I went to S.S. + E. League.  Mother received a card "In Recognition of Achievement in Leadership."  Daddy listened to the World Series.

October 8  Today was a busy day at Reed.  With only one study period worked from 8 to 5:30.  After supper Vi took my measurements + fitted pattern.

October 9  Was able to get a secondhand  "Zadig" Voltaire from Tomas today. Vi is busy sewing on my dress.  She is going to enter it in a sewing contest.

October 10  Mother slipped a candy bar in my lunch to day.  My it tasted good.  Vi is working hard on my dress.  Worked on my seed report tonight.

October 11  Today is Campus day.  (Oma, Arythe + I) We raked leaves all morning, + thus earned a lunch ticket.  After lunch we watched the tug of war + the Freshman dragged the Shop thru the lake.

October 12  Played tennis for two hours this afternoon.  Vi + I danced this evening.  Mother finished my yellow blouse.

October 13  We were excited over the football game between U. of Oregon + U. of Washington.  Vi was happy when W. beat 16-6, but O. gained more yardage.

October 14  We all went out "bugging" and Daddy caught 3 pretty butterflies for me.  Vi + I went to Sunday-day school, E. league + church.  M Dean sang at league.

October 15  Monday is always a hard day.  I have to be at school by 8 for a English conf. and am not thru until after gym class which is after 5.

October 16  Today we were surprised by a biology test, it was quite hard for we had not reviewed our notes.

October 17  Today we had a history test, it was supposed to have been a surprise test, but the news leaked out, we could study for it.

October 18  Today in biology lecture Dr. Griff told us to expect another test Tuesday.  This afternoon played soccer with juniors.

October 19  I forgot to mention the fact that Mrs. Hall of Hood River spent Wednesday evening with us.  She told us all Hood River news.  Mother got a new pair of shoes.

October 20  This morning read Aescusles then Vi + I played duets.  This evening Daddy wrote some Phoenician inscriptions to send to Lil + I + Vi drew pictures on back of letter.  Had a good time laughing.

October 21  The wind has been blowing hard all day to day, and I have enjoyed it so much.  I like to feel its strong arms buffet me + it makes me thing of N.D.

October 22  This morning Oma told me she has a cricket and a orange spider to give me.  Dr. Griffin saw the spemin + said it was a very good one.

October 23  In Biology lecture Dr. Griff. showed us many poisonous snakes which were mostly tropical.  Mother slipped an Old Henry in my lunch.  My it was good.  Vi went to library tonight to get a copy of Iliad for me, but when she got home, I discovered she had brought a copy written in Greek.

October 24  Went to a tea in honor of Mrs. Keezer given in Anna Mann.  Mother has just come home from her Wed. night class so I am going to bed.

October 25  Today has been a rainy day.  But it has been a fitting scene for we had a rather hard biology test.

October 26  It was a beautiful sunny day + was able to play tennis.  To-day while eating some girls said that Mr. Cerf was an Atheist + what a discussion we had.

October 27  Mother walked over town this beautiful day.  I wrote a paper for English + read "Antigone" + listened to Vi who entertained me with amusing stories.

October 28  Vi + I went to Sunday School + then played duets.  After dinner Mother + I played "Rosy Fingers."  Took a walk around the circle.  Oh hum am sleepy.

October 29  Had a more interesting lit conf. than usual, we discussed irony.  Oma + I would like to go on the hike next Sunday.  If I don't have a B. test I will.

October 30  Had a biology test had to diagram the conjugation of the paramecium.  Didn't like what Dr. Cerf said about the Pollyanna idea.

October 31  Got a note in my box from Clare Gallegher saying she would like to see me before Thursday.  I wrote her to meet me in 315.  Wonder who she is? 

November 1934

November 1  November, what will you bring?  One horrid thing, a bi test on over half the book besides other 8 weeks tests.  But this isn't telling about the lectures for the women the tea + Clare.

November 2  Thursday went to hear Mr. Omsted? lecture on + sing parts of "La Tosca."  I received a letter from Libby's containing 48¢.  Altho small, I was glad to get it.

November 3  Studied biology, practiced piano, played duets with Vi, went shopping + danced with Vi.  Mother has a sore throat.  Hope it will soon be well.

November 4  Rain!  Rain!  Rain!  It rained so hard we all stayed home from Sunday School + church.  Mother's throat is still sore.  Tried to study Bi.

November 5  Studied hard for my Bi test and as it is I have still three chapters to read.  Had French and Lit test today.

November 6  The Bi test was hard.  It was an objective test but the true + false questions were the "catchy kind."  Vi got a job, she is to go to work Thursday.

November 7  Went to New Student Assembly.  We are going to have a party.  It is a banquet and will cost 50¢.  History test tomorrow.

November 8  History test was the essay type.  Played Badminton for 2 hours this afternoon.  Been up late this week tried to get to bed by 9 but is 10 already.

November 9  Mrs. Keezer gave a party for freshman.  She called it Chocolate, doughnuts, and surprizes!  Had a grand time.  Our favors were baby dolls with their bottles.

November 10  Went over town today with Mother.  This evening I wrote a lit paper and am now going to bed early to try + get my lost sleep made up.

November 11  Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  Practiced the piano.  Mother, Dad + I met Vi downtown and went to Treasure Island.  It was grand.

November 12  Although today is Armistice Day had to get up at 6 o'clock and go to Reed and wasn't able to get home until 6.  Of course yesterday was really Armistice but today public schools have holiday.

November 13  Just another school day.  And dear diary I am too sleepy to write anymore.

November 14  We are all excited over the Carnival.  I've brought my white elephant, a pretty string of blue beads.  Every girl donate something which might like to buy.  There is also going to be a fortune telling booth, frog + turtle races, hot dog stands, etc.  Dorms will be open for inspection.  Bridge in men's social room, dinner, play, dance etc.

November 15  Thurs.  When I got home from school Thursday washed my hair and Vi waved it for me.  Tomorrow is the big day!

November 16  The Carnival is over and what a success it was.  Vi, Oma + I had lots of fun buying white elephants and looking at other booths.  Oma + I hashed and thus earned our dinner.  Saw a splendid one act play "Sham."

November 17  Vi has got another job.  I walked down with her to the streetcar at 5:30.  Hope it is better than the last job.  Mother's arm still hurts her.

November 18  Read a book for my history paper.  Got dinner then practiced.  Mother + I went to see "The Wanderer" a drama given at Church.  Saw Ruth + had a nice visit.

November 19  Today was the first day I skipped a class.  Lit conf.  Worked with fruits in Bi lab + then had the fun of eating them.  Made about $400 on Carnival.

November 20  In bi lab we have started the external study of the crayfish.

November 21  Had more fun playing Badminton.  Viva and I won.  Then at four played Volley Ball.  Have a test in Bi tomorrow.

November 22  The white slips came out to day, was so relieved that I didn't get one.  Oma, Rose and I went over to the social room and danced for an hour.

November 23  Friday.  Had a grand time playing badminton, but Flossie and I lost the game, and we had to stop playing before we finished the 2nd.

November 24  Sat.  I have a new little cousin, Carol Jean.  Mother and I walked over town.  Tried to get some books on Greek slavery, but couldn't get much.

November 25  Stopped at Ruth to walk to Sunday School with her.  Vi was not able to come over.  Mother + I played duets.

November 26  Had a French test on our reader, which is writings of Voltaire.  In Gym class today Peggy and I were able to play badminton.  More fun.

November 27  I have just got home from the Freshman banquet.  It is 5 after 1 + am sleeply but had a swell time.  Had turkey dinner, played games + then danced.

November 28  Had to get up at 6 for a 8 o'clock and managed to get to class on time.  In gym class, played soccer.  Oma was able to find Rosty so will be hind in history reading.

November 29  Went to auditorium for Thanksgiving service.  Dr. Baxter gave a very nice speech.  Saw George Arliss in "The Last Gentleman."  Had a good dinner although we did not have turkey we had salmon.  Walking over town had fun thinking of reasons why we did not want turkey.

November 30  Vi spent the afternoon + evening with us.  We danced, played duets, and walked to the library.  Mother is tatting + Daddy snoring.  Goodby November, until next year.

December 1934

December 1  This first day of December have been working hard on my history paper and this evening wrote a lit. paper.  Why do college have to give so much work to do?

December 2  Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  She is in hopes she will be 1 of the 2 Lens Artists.  Vi got a letter from Muriel and Carol Jean is fine.  Mother + I played duets.

December 3  Was sick this morning so didn't go to school until 1 o'clock.  Wouldn't have gone then if it hadn't been important not to get behind in Bi lab.  Mother read to me this morn.

December 4  Finished my history paper "Greek Slavery" to-night.  Oh!  I am sleepy.

December 5  I signed up for the badminton tournament and my first match is to be played with Ruth S. before Monday.  So went over to practice up with Ruth Lewis.  We played for 2 hours.

December 6  I was so interested in Badminton that I forgot to mention the tea which was at Mrs. Keezer's in honor of the Dean of Women at Scripps.  She is interested in having college offer subjects which will be of more interest and value to women.

December 7  Played my match today.  And win!  We played 2 games.  1st game 11-4 and 2nd game 11-0.  Miss VanDine came over and we played cards.

December 8  Mother and I walked over town today and did some of our Christmas shopping, mostly window shopping.  This is the time of year when one really needs money.

December 9  As usual Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  I had just got home when Vi came in.  She is looking fine and likes her job very much.

December 10  Oma has been having ear trouble and went to see doc. this afternoon.  Had quite a discussion in Lit conf. because Dr. Cerf said our age was more barbarious than the Roman age.

December 11  The Doctor gave Oma some medicine for her ear + she is to go back in a week.  Hope her ear will be O.K.  Am working on the earthworm in Bi lab.  It is a delicate job to dissect it.

December 12  At lunch we talked about the Mt Hood trip which Reed takes W. + Thur.  My I wish I will be able to go.  Played a badminton match with Marj. 11-3, 11-1, then a 2nd match with Mary G. but was defeated 10-11, 13-15.  But two matches one after the other + a gym class on top of that is strenuous work.

December 13  Oma wasn't at school today so this evening I called up.  Mr. Hartmus said Oma was very sick + that her uncle was going to take her to Tacoma.  Poor Oma.  Hope she gets well soon.

December 14  We girls who eat lunch together decided to have a skating party during Christmas vacation.  In afternoon played badminton + Ping Pong with Beth.

December 15  Mother and I had a good time playing duets today.  I am learning to play 'La Paloma.'

December 16  It seemed good not to get up until 8 o'clock this morning.  Went to S.S. played duets, read Confuscius, went for a walk- such a very good Sunday.

December 17  Mother and I have just got through wrapping Christmas presents.  Christmas time is more fun.  Tomorrow is our last day of school.  Hurrah!

[In googling Oma and Hartmus I found this link- very exciting if this is indeed her!]

December 18   Mr. Hartmus said that he got a card from Oma saying that she left the hospital for home.  Mary won the tournament (badminton).

December 19  I have been very lazy this first day of vacation and oh it seems so good not to study.  I made some baking powder biscuits for supper.  (They were good if I do say so)

December 20  Expected to have Vi to come over today.  Ruth came over after supper, she brought a gift wrapped so pretty in white tissue paper and twigs of holly.

December 21  Mother and I went with Mrs. Walker to see the Christmas play given at Buckman.  Ralph did very well.  When we came home Vi was there to surprise us.

December 22  Mother and I played t and went over town to movie talkie "The Thundering Herd" and The Girl from Manhattan.  We walked home in a rain storm.

December 23  "Even if you don't success in what you go after, the exercise aids your digestion"  One of Dr. Pratt's sermonettes.  Helped sew curtains this after for the evening Christmas Pageant "The Search for the Holy Grail."  Ruth took the part of the angel very well.

December 24  We spent a very quite Christmas eve listening to Christmas carols on the radio, and watching the lights glow on our Christmas tree.  This afternoon went over to Ruth's to take her and Alice some gifts.  Ruth and I are going to a movie this week.

December 25  This has been a delightful Christmas.  At 10 o'clock we went to church.  Dr. Acheson gave me a new idea in interpreting the story of the shepherds and the wise men.  In the afternoon we saw "The Dude Ranger" and the Barretts of Wimpole Street.  The latter was exceptionally good.  I would enjoy seeing it again.

December 26  We got our package from the Frykman this morning.  I received some ducky undies, Mother some beautiful hose, and Daddy also got some stockings.  Miss Van Dyne came down + we had a grand argument.

December 27  Mother and I played duets + tonight we played cards.  Daddy isn't feeling well.  He has a cold.  Hope Vi comes over tomorrow.

December 28  Miss Van Dyne came down and we played Rummy.  I won both games.  Received a letter from Lil.

December 29  On our way over town we met Ruth.  We went to the Orpheus and saw Katherine Hepburn in "The Little Minister" and in the Vaudeville Olive + George (two midgets), yellow jackets, etc.  This picture was "awfully" good.

December 30  Vi came over.  We had a nice walk and then she treated me to a dish of ice cream.  We played cards and Daddy + I won.  After we got home from listening to the Christmas Cantata we had oyster stew.

December 31  This last day of the year Daddy + I won 3 games of whist from Mother + Myrtle V.D.  At 20 minutes to twelve we cooked some oyster stew and were eating as the new year came in.  Made 1 resolution.

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January-March, 1935

January 1935

January 1  We have just finished taking trimmings down from the tree and burned the tree in the fireplace.  Practiced piano, and played cribbage.

January 2  This first day of school was rather pleasant.  When I got home was surprized to find Aunt Tillie here on a visit.

January 3  I went with Oma to see Mrs. Brown whom Oma will start working for.  Then Oma + I played badminton + translated "Zadig."  Vi was here for afternoon + evening.

January 4  Played Badminton with Beth.  In the eve. Ruth + I went to see Mae West in "Belle of the Nineties" and Helen Hays in "What Every Woman Knows."  Helen Hays is a wonderful actor, she portrays her part so well.  The play was very entertaining.

January 5  Aunt Tillie left for home today.  Mother has a bad cold.

January 6  Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  Dr. Faxon compared a man who does not care to take the pains to give minute directions to a person who he knows will never use them to God who doesn't care to show the way to people who do not sincerely want it.

January 7 In Bi Lab today we studied the ascaris.   We had to carefully slit the skin gently pull it back + pin it to the wax in our pan + study the internal anatomy.

January 8  This afternoon we went over to the brook on the Eastmoreland golf course and hunted for hydras and Planarias.  More fun!

January 9  We have started the most amusing story by Voltaire.  It is about Micromegas, an inhabitant of the largest star Sirius and who is twenty-six miles tall.

January 10  Beth and I play Ping Pong and then I played Badminton with Rose.  Then read Conklin's "Heredity."  It is an interesting subject.

January 11  I signed up for tap and clog dancing lessons.  Played five games of badminton today.  2 doubles + 3 singles.  Won 2 singles and Peggy + I lost both doubles.

January 12  Seemed to get more out of my music than usual.  Am learning to play The Purple Pansy Waltz."

January 13  Today at Chapel, I heard Mr. Seger talk.  He escaped from a prison in Germany, where he was put by Hitler.  Mr. Seger gave a very good speech which was not prejudice, but showed the [unjustness??] of Hitler. 

January 14  Because I forgot to write in my diary Sunday I made a mistake and wrote one of todays incidents in Sunday's space.  Sunday Dr. Acheson gave a very good sermon "Conditions that provoke revolution.  I wish Dr. Cerf or Mr. Reynolds could have heard it.

January 15  We have some of the hardest heredity problems to work out for lab work.  And in Bi lecture Dr. Griffin told to make a chart of three generations of peas with 3 dominant and 3 recessive characters.

January 16  At chapel today the candidates were presented for Student body president.  They all gave many good talks, it is hard to tell which will make the best president.

January 17  Oma is going to Salem with her uncle.  She is going to be examined by a doctor because she doesn't feel well.  Hope everything will be O.K.  Had 3 good games of badminton with Florence.

January 18  Margaret, Fred and I went over to Bybee to get some fruit for innoculating for yeast.  Margaret took us in the car but even then I missed my first tap dancing class.

January 19  I have just finished writing a lit paper on Religion and Ethics.  I am sure Mr. Reynolds will not agree with me, but he wants us to express our own opinions.

January 20  This a nice snappy day which reminds of North Dakota.  I enjoy the snow.  Went to both Sunday School and Church today.  Dr. Acheson gave another good sermon "Religious Experiences to Match Revolutionary Passions.

January 21  One disappointment after another.  The pretty snow is melting due to a warm wind, and on top of that had a surprise lit test.  And was it hard or was it hard.

January 22  I shall be glad when this week of exams is over.  It is only 12 o'clock!  I have just finished a chart showing all possibilities for 3 generations from crossing a tall, yellow, round pea with a dwarf, green, wrinkled pea.  Ho Hum!

January 23  Saw the most interesting and altogether wonderful motion picture of cancer tissues.  It showed the fission of the cells in which the spindle etc could be seen.

January 24  At Chapel saw another moving picture of the microscopic study of Leeuwenhoek.  It showed all the little animalcules he discovered, and one of the most interesting things was showing the circulation of blood.

January 25  Yesterday had such a hard biology test that I didn't feel capable of going to French Class so skipped it and took gym instead.  Today had our second tap-dancing lesson.  More fun.

January 26  Mother and I walked over town and I bought the prettiest piece of brown, orange, white, and yellow plaid for a blouse.

January 27  We went to the Laurelhurst theater and saw "The Count of Monte Christo."  I enjoyed it so much.  Mother left her pocket book there.  She has just called up about it and we were all relieved to find that it had been turned in at office.

January 28  [blank]

January 29  Coming home on the street car tonight I met a girl that worked in the cannery last summer.  Seemed good to meet an old fellow workman.

January 30  It was such a lovely day that Flossie and I played tennis.  Flossie is not coming back to school for the 2nd semester, but is going to business college.

January 31 [blank]

February 1935

February 1  [blank]

February 2  We have just got home from church where we heard a negro Mr. Mann (cousin of Ronald Hay) sing.  He + Mr. Ranig (accompanist) were gifted artists.

February 3  Mother and I went over town today and bought a birthday present for Aunt Annie.  We got some material for a dress.

February 4  In Bi lab we have started the study of tissues.  We have to know their structure so well that if Mrs. Thomson put a slide under our microscope we will be able to identify the kind of tissue it is.

February 5  This afternoon Marjorie and I walked down to the Canyon and hunted for spirogyra to feed our tadpoles.

February 6  After Oma and I got through eating this noon we read French out loud.  In History lecture conf. we discussed the method of teaching history at Reed.

February 7  After lunch Oma and I sat on the library steps and translated our French.  We went to the tea this afternoon at Anna Mann Cottage.

February 8  Myrtle Van Dine came down and we played whist.  Mother and Myrtle V.D. won.

February 9  Mother and I walked over town and I bought a pair of white sport shoes.  Virginia V. came over to see me.  She is going to business c.

February 10  While going to Sunday School I found a car ticket.  Went to league with Virginia and Marie.

February 11  Had a nice refreshing shower this morn and this afternoon the sun came out, so it was a lovely day, with just enough rain to make the air pure.

February 12  Had an interesting Freshman meeting today.  Dr. Cerf + Pres. Keezer had could one say, a debate about the scholarship of Freshman class.

February 13  Have just finished reading "A Midsummer's Night Dream" and is a a pleasant contrast from Dante.  Had more fun playing Ping Pong.

February 14  Mr. Hardiman, violinist played at chapel today.  He did very well.  Rose + I played against Helen + Jean in a Badminton tournament.  R + I lost.

February 15  Yesterday Mother gave me the prettiest seersucker (orange, brown + yellow stripe) for a Valentine.  She gave Daddy a shirt.  Rose + I lost another badminton match but it was more fun.

February 16  I reread Dante today, to get some material for my next lit paper.  Daddy and I won playing whist from Mother + Miss Van Dine.

February 17  A Japanese girl spoke at league tonight on The Race Problem.  She did very well.

February 18  Miss Tenney wasn't at school today, so because we didn't have our French Class, Oma and I read the 1st act of "Romeo + Juliet."  Although Rose + I lost our badminton match we made our opponents work hard.

February 19  Daddy went down to the auditorium to hear a speaker talk on the Townsend Old Age pension.  Mother + I worked on French.

February 20  Oma and I had our first reviews French grammar lesson with Jane C.  Have been reading "Colomba"  So far I like it very much.

February 21  Janet and I went over town this afternoon to see "It Happened One Night" and "We Two Alone."  Both were very good.  When I got home Vi was standing behind the door and tried to scare me.

February 22  Today has been a holiday and although me intentions were to work on my history paper I have succeeded in wasting today.

February 23  Just finished reading "Romeo + Juliet."  I like Shakespeare, he is a pleasant change from Dante "The Divine Comedy."

February 24  Mother + I went to see Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch."  It was excellent, so full of fun.  I think Mrs. Wiggs is a spendid character.  Daddy went to Bonneville.  Vi was here when I got home.

February 25  Am tired + sleepy -  been trying to study for 3 tests.

February 26  Today has been a hard day.  Had 3 tests.  When we came to lab 25 microscopes were set up with tissues, organs structure to identify.  We only had a minute to look at them.  Oh I am sleepy!

February 27  Played Badminton with Florence and played basket ball in gym class.

February 28  Rose and I played Badminton and had more fun.  Just finished reading Baldwin "Organization of Medieval Christianity." 

March 1935

March 1  Today has been a beautiful day -  so warm and balmy.  Hope March will give us many like it.

March 2  It is exacting 3 A.M. and thank goodness my history paper is finished.  That is all but coping it.

March 3  This afternoon we walked to the Oregon and saw two great talkies "Big Hearted Herbert" and "Lady by Choice.

March 4  In lab we have started the study of bones - both human and cat.  We have to pass a test on bones before we can begin dissecting our cat.

March 5  Finished coping my history paper on Cicero.  I'm sleepy.

March 6  It has rained hard all day today.  I prefer March winds to rain.  Just finished reading a chapter in "Colomba."  Enjoy it.

March 7  This afternoon Oma and I went over to Anna Mann and Elenor gave us a facial.  It has cleared up today and I enjoyed the sun so much.

March 8  Instead of translating French in class, we looked at pictures of France which Miss Tenney brought to class.  Mother and Miss Van Dyne won in whist.

March 9  Read MacBeth and King Lear today.  Mother and I learned The duet, Minuet in G, and reviewed the old duets.

March 10  Mother, Ruth and I went to the play "Lydia, Seller of Purple" at church.  Daddy has a boil so didn't feel like going.

March 11  Took my bone test and started dissecting my cat.  It is black and white.  I must think up a good time for him.   Poor thing.

March 12  Been studying for a history test and am now very sleepy.

March 13  Learned a new game, Shuffleboard.  And I won.  Started to read "Don Quixote."  I enjoy it.

March 14  Had a small game of badminton with Janet but she won.

March 15  Our tap dancing class is going to give the Merry Widow Waltz at the Reed Riot which are vaudeville acts put on the college women.

March 16  Went over town in the morning then practiced piano.

March 17  Elizabeth Prideaux told about her trip to Japan in League tonight.  She gave such an interesting unformal account.

March 18  Had a French test today.  I did not go to my lit class, so that I could study for my test, and then I heard we had a surprise test in lit.  Oh dear - such is life.

March 19  Had a special dance practice today because we are going to dance at the Reed Riot.  Been reading history and oh am so sleepy.

March 20  Of all things - it snowed a little this morning.  Tomorrow is campus day and the radio has forcast rain + snow.

March 21  After Campus day I am tired.  This morning swept leaves + worms off tennis courts + then painted lines.  All one our dinner - then Basket ball game + dance.

March 22  Spent the whole afternoon in the gym practicing our dance and cutting patterns for our costumes.  Ruth, Alice + I went to see "The Tinker" this eve.

March 23  Mother and I spent most the day cutting out my costume for the Merry Widow Waltz.

March 24  Had to study today.  We have to write out fifty questions over all the biology covered this year.

March 25  Am sleepy and tired.  Been trying to learn, origin, [insertion?], + function of muscles and of what imp. is it to know it.

March 26  Had a hard test over muscles of a cat.  We had to give the names of those of the upper arm, give their origin, insertion function.

March 27  Because we had dress rehearsal (at 7 o'clock) for Reed Riot Rose, Mary, Janet and I stayed and eat our suppers in one of the girls' room at House C.

March 28  The Reed Riot is over and successfully so.  Rose's father brought us home.  Everyone agreed that stunts went off well + were clever.

March 29  Today has been a day to sort of let down after the bustle of excitement and what have you.  Played 3 games of badminton with Rose.

March 30  Read several essays of Montaigne but didn't really enjoy them.  Maybe because I wanted to be out in the beautiful sunshine and had to force my-self to read.

March 31  Mother and I had a lot of fun playing duets.  Was planning on going bug hunting but it is too rainy. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

April-June, 1935

 [in the fold there is a dried flower, perhaps one of the violets mentioned on 4/29]

April 1  Started to play baseball to day.  We cleaned fifty dollars from Reed Riot not bad.  Was fooled only once today.

April 2  Just finished reading The Prince by Machiavelli.  I enjoyed it even tho I don't agree with much that he says.  Yet sometimes it seems he is justified in his opinion.

April 3  April has given us showers in earnest today.  Oma, Peggy, and I went to Art Exhibit and tea at Anna Mann.

April 4  Miss Van Dyne was here for dinner and whist.  I haven't done any studying tonight but because I am sleepy am going to bed.

April 5  Mrs. Knox didn't come to school so didn't have our tap dancing class.  Rosie and I played Bad.  Interesting chapel - talk about Germany + war.  Mr. Scott showed us three of our [Marionettes?].  Clever.

April 6  Mother and I played duets and took a walk.  Mrs. [H?} showed me how to tell fortunes with cards.

April 7  Another rainy day but I have taken two walks.

April 8  I am feeling quite provoked because the biology department makes us learn the musicles, origins, functions + insertions.  I wish they had read Montaigne "On Education."

April 9  A Socialist spoke at chapel today.  Because this is an age of collectism we will either be governed by a dictator, big business monopoly, communists (really dictator), or socialists (best).  Played baseball + our team (I) won.

April 10  As Miss Tenny was not at school for our 11 o'clock Fr. Class, Oma + I took our lunch and walked over to Eastmoreland Golf Course, sat down by the lake.  We gave the ducks a good share of our lunch.

April 11  Been trying to study for a French test, but have been so sleepy afraid I haven't accomplished much.

April 12  Had a student mass meeting against war and fasism.  Six college men spoke then Mr. Libly talked on war with Japan.  May we never have a war they are such horrible, savage affairs.

April 13  Mother and I walked over town.  We bought a pattern for a dress for Mother, and some sweet pea + [Nast.?] seeds.

April 14  Today have had a glorious time.  Eliz, Rose + I went out to Rose's farm.  We walked in the woods all afternoon + catch bugs.  Had supper at Rose's city home and she showed us snapshots and things she had made.  She can do so many clever things with her hands.  Vi was here when I came home.

April 15  Mother and I walked over town and saw "David Copperfield."  I enjoyed it so much.  Each character portrayed his part so well.

April 16  This morning Rose returned my purse which I had left at her house Sun.  Mother + I played cribbage.  Daddy listened to a baseball game + read.

April 17  My! it seems so good not to have to study every evening.  Vacations are lovely things.  Only wish I didn't have to look at a book for a week.

April 18  This morning Mother and I spaded up the ground and planted the sweet peas.  In the afternoon walked over town.

April 19  Mother, Vi and I spent the afternoon in Maclay Park.  I catch a blue butterfly and a green bug.

April 20  Just finished sorting my notes about fains and planning my outline for my next history paper.

April 21  Been a cool showery Easter but had a grand time.  went to S.S. heard "Little Women" over Radio, went over town saw "The Mystery of Edward Drood - Devil Dogs of the Air + to church to see Easter pageant.

April 22  School again. Elizabeth brought me a flower which she got in Japan when there last summer.  Been studying for another muscle test.

April 23  Read "A Doctor In Spite of Himself" by Moliere and enjoyed it so much.  I would tho as Cerf says a farce is a very low form of art.

April 24  Took another vacation from studying this afternoon.  Oma and I took a walk.  I played baseball and then played badminton with Eliz. + besides walked home from 39th.

April 25  Spring is really here, wore a wash dress for the first time this spring.  Rose and I played tennis.

April 26  Saw "The Lower Depths" put on by Reed Players.  I enjoyed it from the standpoint of acting but did not care much for the type of play.  Elizabeth took Rose + me home.

April 27  Mother has finished making a pretty seersucker dress for me.  It has a small orange, yellow, + brown stripe and is made in shirtwaise style.  Mother did a very good job too.  Worked on my history paper.

April 28  Daddy and I went out hunting insects from 1:30 to 7:10 and we were walking all that time, didn't rest once.  Walked along river on West side to Sellwood bridge + crossed to East side passed Oaks Park on way home.  Catch 25 bugs.

April 29  Elizabeth brought me some bugs + some violets.  Rained this afternoon so had to play baseball inside.

April 30  Had fun playing baseball.  Tomorrow Rose, Eliz. + I are going swimming.  Hope it warm + sunshiny tomorrow.

May 1935

May 1  Just finished reading "The Misanthrope."   I enjoyed it but I think that Alceste goes to as much of an extreme in the opposite direction as the people he condemns for being two-faced.

May 2  Elizabeth invited Rose and I to dinner at her home, a bug hunt in Mt. Tabor Park and then a concert at Reed.  Had a lovely time, but going out tomorrow after. + eve. is going to make my school suffer, I am afraid.

May 3  Had a grand time, played tennis, baseball (sophs won).  Betsy, Rose, + I ate out supper in the canyon beside the brook.  Took a walk + then saw Moliere's Les Femmes Savantes, which we enjoyed more than the Lower Depths.

May 4  Worked on my history paper, and it was such a lovely day, I wanted to be outside.

May 5  Had a lovely time catching bugs, got about 25 different kinds.

May 6  The history lecture was interesting today.  Dr. Arrogon talked about the politics in Europe in 17 + 18th centuries.

May 7  Oma and I took a walk around the lake.  After lunch we wanted to take ride in the boat but it was in use.

May 8  It is so pretty and delightful near the lake.  Two swans add to its beauty.  Going to bed early tonight 9:30.

May 9  After lunch Oma and I walked down to the lake and we were able to get to boat so had a grand time.  Eliz A. + I went swimming, played ping pong, and had tap dancing practice.

May 10  Had a pleasant afternoon with no study.  Rosie + I walked around the lake looking for bugs, then we + Eliz. played ping pong, then I had a tennis class, and then Rose + I play tennis.

May 11  Went out to school this morning and write a lit paper this afternoon.  Vi is going to quite work and stay with us in order to look for a sewing job.

May 12  Went to church with Mother.  After dinner we went out bug hunting.  Mrs. Moore came to see Gus but as he was not home yet she visited with us.

May 13  Dr. Arrogon [Sundy] sees to it that we won't stop work because of the 3 days conference held at Reed.  If we don't attend Friday class have to write paper about our opinion on the letters of Crevecoeur.

May 14  Just finished writing forty-five French sentences and am too tired to write any more.

May 15  Today was the first day of the conference.  Pres. Keezer was [?? lo man agrated??].  But nothing much exciting will happen for us until tomorrow.

May 16  Vi came out to Reed for the May fete.  The weather was poor but I really had a good time.  I esp. enjoyed the ballet, the swimming figures + the canoe floats.

May 17  Went to the student assembly for a sort of summarizing of outcome of different conferences.  In afternoon finished the dissection of my cat.

May 18  Vi was not able to get on at Youngs so is going home Sunday on the 11 o'clock bus.  She is tired of housework + wants to sew.

May 19  While Vi and I were polishing our finger nails we heard a knock at the door + who should walk in but Muriel, then her mother, then Lillian  - last Romstad.

May 20  Got home from school at 2.  Seemed so good to leave school early + not work in lab all afternoon.

May 21  Enjoyed myself more in lab than any time this year.  Classifying insects is very interesting.

May 22  I finished the classification of my insects and handed them in.  That is one of the many jobs done, which was left to do before school is out.

May 23  Had a most exciting assembly today.  Everybody got excited and were not slow in saying what they thot.  It all started over a certain article in the Quest and the bribery of Mr. H.

May 24  Rose and I had a grand time playing tennis.  I am tired + sleepy so I going to bed early tonight.

May 25  Went over town with Mother and bought a pattern and seersucker for the cutest outfit- shirt, blouse and shorts.

May 26  Went to Powell Park to see the baseball game.  I got up too late to go to Sunday School but did go to church.

May 27  Rose and I played tennis this afternoon and then we and Betsy went swimming.  The 1st day of reading week gone and no reviewing done.

May 28  This morning Rose and I had a good game of tennis.  In the afternoon I read Boswell's Johnson.  It is one of the most enjoyable things I have read for lit.

May 29  This afternoon made out me program for next year.  Dr. Woodbridge advised me to take Fr 33 besides 22.  I had been planning to take 23 +22, but he thot it was best to try 33.

May 30  Elizabeth, Rose, Oma + I went to Miss Tennys party this evening.  We had a lovely time.  We played games and sang French songs, and had enough refreshments to make a dinner.

May 31  I should study for my exams next week.  I have Lit Monday day morning, Fr Monday afternoon, History Tuesday morning + biology Tuesday afternoon.  As each exam is 3 hours long these two days are going to be hard.  Went to see "Anne of Green Gables."  It was very good.  I believe Anne was my favorite story book heroine.

June 1935

June 1  Mother surprised me with the loveliest pen and pencil set.  It is a pretty mottled effect- dark gray, light gray and red. 

June 2  Been studying for my lit and French exam most the day.  Mrs. Hodgson gave me the prettiest bouquet of flowers, which she brought from the farm. 

June 3  Today has been a long day but I don't think I have flunked any exam.  One nice thing is that at Reed we can get up and leave the exam room and then come back + go on writing.  We can even take our paper + pen + write our exam somewhere else. 

June 4  Hurrah! my last exam has been taken.  Mother, Daddy and I went to the Star Hawthorne to celebrate.  We saw two very good shows, Janet Gaynor in Servant's Entrance + a cowboy picture. 

June 5  Cut out a sport dress today.  It is 3 piece.  A blouse and shirt with buttons down the front and a pair of skorts. 

June 6  Went out to Reed to play tennis with Rose this morning and then the gym wasn't open.  Such luck.  But before I came home I went swimming with Betsy.  In eve. went to see electrical floats on river. 

June 7  Sewed on my dress.  In afternoon, Mother and I went to see Rose Floral parade.  The floats were even prettier than usual.  One was [?} old fashioned stagecoach with beautiful horses.

June 8  While I was at Mrs. H sewing on my dress, Mother came to say that Muriel had come.  She was married suddenly to Joe and they had come down to combine a pleasure + business trip.  Muriel has invited us to go back to Seattle with them. 

June 9  Muriel and Joe took us for a short ride.  We played cards most the afternoon.  Went to church with Ruth.

June 10  This afternoon was River Day.  Our outing was at Grant's Park on the Clackamas R.  Betsy was kind enough to take a few of us girls out in her car which is much more comfortable than the truck.  We had a grand time looking at caves, swimming, eating + singing.  Got home at 10 o'clock.  Got my Griffine.  Like it.

June 11  I enjoyed the drive to Seattle- the scenery was so pretty.  At about 12:30 we stopped at the roadside and had our lunch.  After supper in Seattle Vi and I walked over to Thor's to see the babies.  They are the sweetest things.

June 12  This afternoon Uncle took us for a ride along Alki beach.  It is a beautiful drive.  Seattle is a pretty place but I really like Portland better. 

June 13  Muriel took us over town today.  Vi and I sewed and walked over to Clara's home.  Am having a lovely time.  I wonder if poor Daddy is lonesome.  One of the Canary's feathers. 

June 14  Although it was a rainy day, Uncle took us to Everett to see the oyster cannery.  We had lunch there oyster soup, fried oysters, salad + [scandivids?].  Then we heard a talk + saw movies of oyster industry.  In the evening Thor, Mary + the darling babies came over.

June 15  This morning Mother and I walked down to Alki beach and made a small collection of shells.  In the evening M. Vi, Lil [Tillie?] went to the Granada to see May Robson in "The Grand Old Girl" it was good.

June 16  We went to Woodland Park for a picnic.  We looked at all the animals.  We say a kangaroo with its/her baby in its pouch.  We also walked thru the pretty Rose Gardens. 

June 17  Vi and Mother and I walked over to Mary's to say goodbye to her and the babies.  In the eve. Muriel took us up to the hospital.  The Children were all glad to see Muriel but sorry to find that she was not coming back for steady work. 

June 18  After riding all the way from Seattle home I was so sleepy I forgot to write in my diary and tonight I wrote in the wrong place.  [fixed] Coming home we ran out of gas and had to be pushed to gas station. 

June 19  M. Tillie and Joe left at 10:00.  Mother and I strung up the sweet peas after lunch we walked over town, we got some French books including Fr. [bible?] at the library and had a ride on the new Trackless Trolley.  

June 20  Back to work today.  We washed clothes.  This afternoon I baked a birthday cake for Mother. 

June 21  I started to read the play "Esther" by Racine tonight.  It was not as hard as I expected.  Took a walk this evening. 

June 22  This morning I cleaned out all my drawers.  I sorted and burned a lot of my school papers.  What a job!

June 23  Spent a very quiet Sunday.  We played cribbage, played duets with Mother and listened to the radio.  Heard two very good plays- one "Polly with a past."

June 24  This evening we went to a recital, both piano and voice.  They all did so well it is hard to tell which I enjoyed the most.

June 25  This morning Tom took me out to the farm with him.   Mr. H showed me the chickens, hogs, geese, etc.  But best of all a humming bird's nest with 2 eggs in it. 

June 26  While I was practicing my music Tom came in and because he wants to learn music, I got out my first year music book and helped him with the notes. 

June 27  Mother read "The Cricket on the Hearth" by Dickens out loud.  I like it.  It is so different and he makes such quaint and 'homey' pictures.

June 28  Mother and I have canned cherries and in the afternoon made calls- on the Bendicksons and Curtises. 

June 29  Today Mother and I started another book "Heart of the Hills" by Fox.  I enjoy it, but I really shouldn't take the time to read it.

June 30  Went to church and then in the evening went to see "Roberta" and "Murder in the Skies."  both pictures were good. 

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July-September, 1935

July 1935

July 1  The first of July.  Summer is going too fast.  Helped Tom with his music.  Mother and I took some cherries to Mrs. Curtis.

July 2  Tonight was real good and read four pages of fine print of the French play "Esther."  Tom loaned me some popular songs and I tried to play "Home on the Range."

July 3  Walked over town today, and got some more library books.

July 4  Today was not very warm so instead of having a picnic as planned, we went to the Fox Br. and saw "The Keeper of Bees."  I enjoyed it. 

July 5  Rose came over today.  It seemed awfully good to see her again.  We took a walk and then I showed her some of my school notebooks and annuals. 

July 6  Ruth came over this afternoon.  We walked over town.  She bought some marshmallow cookies which we ate on the way home.

July 7  Went to Sunday School with Ruth.  We planned a picnic for Thursday.  Hope it is a nice day.  Played duet with Mother and read. 

July 8  Uncle Charlie from N.Y. invited us to have dinner with him at the Portland.  It was a grand dinner, muskmelon, onion soup, pineapple + cottage cheese salad, fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, stuffed tomato, fried apple, tea, coconut cream pie.  After dinner Uncle C. took us to his room on the fifth floor.  The halls are wide with cheerful red carpets on the floor.

July 9  Last night was so interested in telling about the dinner I forgot to mention that Mother and I went over town in the morning and got our health cards.  We went over town again this afternoon and I got a free copy of the beautiful Blue Danube.

July 10  Went over to Ruth's and she showed me all her graduation presents and her dress.  She gave me a picture of herself.  We went swimming at Buckman. 

July 11  We had a grand time at McClay Park.  We built a fire and roasted weiners + marshmallows.  Ruth, Mrs. Bell, Mother + I went wading in the creek.  Then Ruth + I followed some trails.  Catch a green bug. 

July 12  I ironed this morning so Mother could sew on her dress.  It is a pretty blue + brown plaid.  She is making it in the shirtwaist style.  She wants to wear it on the picnic tomorrow.

July 13  This is the hottest day that has ever been recorded for Portland 105.  I don't believe I was ever hotter than when Mother and I were walking home after finding out that the swimming pool was closed.

July 14  Still hot today.  Rose called up and asked me to go out the farm with them but I had already planned to go to a park to swim with Mother + Daddy, and just had to swim.

July 15  Had the most wonderful time tonight.  A Moonlight Excursion on the "Swan."  Ruth + I not only saw the eclipse of the moon which was truly marvelous, but meet the most attractive girl, Mildred, a teacher from Colorado.  Even while Ruth + I were walking home eating candy early this morning we talked of our interesting acquaintance. 

July 16  Mrs. King and Patty called to day.  Patty is taking tap dancing lessons.  She danced for us and did remarkably well.

July 17  Had the grandest surprise today.  Oma called me up, she was just going through Portland so didn't have to time to come up and see me. 

July 18  Rose came over and we walked over to Benson and played tennis.  Then we went to Buckman with Daddy to swim.  Mother had a lovely dinner for us and then we played cards. 

July 19  Mother and I walked over town and I bought a good pair of tennis shoes.  One thing bought for my school wardrobe. 

July 20  This afternoon Ruth and I went up to church.  Ruth made a poster to announce the services held in Holliday Park on Sunday eve.  Virginia showed me how to mimeograph so helped with the church bulletin. 

July 21  Went to Creston Park.  We spent the whole afternoon swimming and then had a picnic supper on the green lawn.

July 22  Ruth is reading "How to gain a Personality."  I am afraid I need that book much more than she does.  I don't think there is a girl who is so constantly trying to improve herself and really succeeds as Ruth does. 

July 23  Walked over to the Welfare store with Ruth to get some old fashioned costumes for a programme that the Church is putting on.

July 24  Ironing day- Besides pushing the iron, read a chapter in phychology, had a music lesson, read an act "L'ecole des Femmes", and baked a cake. 

July 25  After breakfast Mother and I walked to Libby's Cannery, but the large crew is not working yet.  Hope they start working in a short time.  I need money so badly and outside of housework there doesn't seem much to do.

July 26  Mother, Ruth, and I walked over to Laurelhurst Park.  Took a small lunch and our books.  In the eve Ruth and I walked over town to the Rivoli.  Both the shows were good.  One was a Zane Grey picture + the other "He fixed everything."

July 27  Went up to church and helped Virginia mimeograph the bulletin this morning.  Then practiced + took a nap to make up the beauty sleep missed last night.

July 28  Went out to the country with Rose's folks and Helen.  We walked down in the woods and had a Weiner Roast.  When we got to Rose's [town?] home we decided to go to Mt Tabor Presbyterian Ch as there a special service for the Japanese students.  As it too far for me to come home to dress for church, Rose lent me some of her clothes for the evening.

July 29  Enjoy swimming ever so much at Buckman tonight.  It is such a lovely tank and they alwasy put clean water just before the hour we go swimming.

July 30  Went out to Reed.  Went to a lecture at the Japanese conference.  there Betsy took Rose and I over to the dormitories to introduce us to some of the J. girls.  They all were very nice.

July 31  Ruth and I walked over town this afternoon.  After we had finished our shopping we bought some candy and cookies and ate them on the way home. 

August 1935

August 1  This evening started to read "The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci" by Merejkowski.  I enjoy his descriptions of people, and his use of words.  I must not leave out the fact that Mother learned to float tonight at Buckman swimming tank.  I think it grand that she has learned so soon. 

August 2  Of course we had to go swimming again this evening, so Mother could get more practice floating, and of course Dad + I enjoy swimming.

August 3  Mother and I walked over town and I had my eyes reexamined.  I did not have to have my glasses changed but he advised that I have a weaker pair of lenses for reading.

August 4  Because this is rather a cool cloudy Sunday, we decided not to go to a park for swimming.  Went to church + hear Rev. Fies. but did not care much for his sermon.  He does not seem to have the ability to stimulate ones thoughts as Dr. Acheson or Dr. Faxon do.

August 5  Walked over to the cannery after breakfast but the women's employment office wasn't open.  Hope I will be able to get work next week.  Got a letter from Oma.

August 6  Went swimming with Mother and Dad again.  Am going to start to learn to dive.  I jumped off from the side of the tank.  Mother is getting along well.

August 7  Wrote a letter to Miss Fanning.  She has had a serious operation.  Hope she will recover quickly and enjoy her work this winter.

August 8  Ruth called up about 12:30 and asked me if I could go to the show with her.  I would have loved to but Rose was coming over so I had to refuse the half an hour afterwards Rose called and said she couldn't come.  Worst luck!

August 9  Mother, Daddy + I saw G. Arliss in Cardinal Richelieu and enjoyed it very much.  Coming home met Mr. Alexander of Morrison bridge.  He invited up in his little room above the bridge.  He recited toasts he had made up himself, played the broom.  He gave me a song which he wrote which he autographed for me.  I think a lot of it.  He has a very nice philosophy, it would be nice if more were like him. 

August 10  Went up to church and helped Virginia mimeograph the church bulletins.  Wrote a letter to Oma and practiced my new song "Salute the Stars in that Old Flag." 

August 11  Went swimming at Creston Park.  I enjoy sitting in the sun shine.  Saw one of the girls from Reed there.

August 12  Ruth, Mother + I went to the Cannery but they haven't started working yet.  Oh why does the season have to be so late!

August 13  This is the second day that Ruth and I have gone to the Vocational School.  We like the teacher ever so much.

August 14  Our teacher Miss Webeck has given us very valuable information about looking for a job.  She say we must sell ourselves to the employer. 

August 15  Our classes are held at the Administration building.  On our way there Ruth and I go through Holiday Park so have been taking our lunch and eating it there and then going to our class which starts at 1:00.

August 16  Today we decided not to take our lunch.  When I stopped for Ruth she hadn't eaten her lunch so I had a cup of cocoa with her and [Lu?].

August 17  Helped Virginia with the mimeographing.  She made a mistake in typing so had to do another stencil and I did not get home until 7:30.

August 18  Went to Sunday school with Ruth.  Made a meat pie for dinner.  Went to church in the evening and saw "The Sign of the Cross" given by Captain Scobell.

August 19  Ruth + I went to a committee meeting at the church this evening.  It was to start the task of putting on a historical Biblical drama, "The Prince of Egypt."

August 20  I stayed home from class today and took things easy.  Read some French and Psychol. and practiced my music.

August 21  Our class studied the application letter today.  At 5:30 tonight Libby's called me up and told em to report for work at 7 o'clock.  My I was thrilled at the prospect of again earning money.

August 22  Today has been rather a hard day.  I did not peal the pears as fast as I wanted to and I cut my finger and had go and have the nurse bandage it.

August 23  Am not quite as tired tonight.  I am working beside two lovely people.  And our forelady is so pleasant. 

August 24  My I was happy when they told we would not have to work Sunday.  I have a sl coming on my eye.  The first one I have had.

August 25  Today have been doctoring my eye.  I couldn't use it at all- not even go to a show.  Been rather a dull Sunday.

August 26  Was very hard to work today.  I couldn't wear my glasses because my eye watered so much I could see through the lens.

August 27  My eye was a little better today.  Saw one of the girls I knew last year today.  Lillian.  She went to business college last winter. 

August 28  Today was pay day.  My check was two dollars and ninety cents.  My eye is much better. 

August 29  Today saw another working companion of last year- Eileen.  She is looking well and is going to the University again this winter. 

August 30  Got through work at noon today so Mother and I walked over town and I bought two pairs of shoes and a pattern for a blouse which resembles a jacket.  Am pleased with my purchases. 

August 31  After work walked over town with Mother.  I bought some blue checked wool to make a blouse which I will also be able to use as a jacket and which I shall wear with my blue shirt.

September 1935

September 1  This has been a very quite Sunday.  I could not help thinking of Oma and wishing I could have gone to South Bend with her.

September 2  This has been truly a labor day for me but am very glad of the opportunity of earning a little money.

September 3  After work I went out to see Rose.  I stayed for dinner.  Rose showed me some more of her needle work.  Had a lovely time.

September 4  Now that I am working Wednesday is, I believe the nicest day of the week- pay day.  Today my check was nine dollars and twenty-one cents.

September 5  Had a lovely birthday.  Mother made me a birthday cake with pretty yellow candles on it.  There were also 2 yellow candles as table decorations.  Mother and Daddy gave me two pairs of hose.  Frykmans gave me a dollar. 

September 6  Tonight listened to Rio Rita given over the Radio and I enjoyed it very much.

September 7  I am so glad we do not have to work tomorrow.  Think of the Bliss of being able to sleep in the morning instead of getting up at 4:30. 

September 8  Daddy went to the baseball game today as a birthday present from Mother and me.  Both Seattle + Portland won one game. 

September 9  Only worked seven hours today.  Mother and I went over town and bought "Long Live the King" by Rhineheart for Edith.  Baked a birthday cake for Daddy. 

September 10  This morning got through work at 8:30- just two hours work- I hate to think of the size of my pay check a week from Wed. 

September 11  Worked until 9 o'clock.  My paycheck was $10.45 just exactly what Beulah's was. 

September 12  Worked until 9:30.  This afternoon got a permanent.  Tonight completes my diary for one year.  My a year ago tonight I was excited and thrilled about starting college.

September 13  Worked until 11 o'clock then Mother and I walked over town and I bought a new pair of stockings + buttons and buckle for my jacket. 

September 14  Worked until 11, came home took a bath, dressed (blue suit), ate lunch and went out to Reed- got there at one.  Saw Rose, was introduced to Elizabeth Rossiter who I discovered only a block from me.  and one of the nicest things was I was assigned to a month of FERA work. 

September 15  Just got home from seeing the drama "The Prince of Egypt" which was very good.  Went to Sunday School with Ruth.  Saw Elizabeth.

September 16  Saw my advisor and Dean of Women today.  Enjoyed Chapel.  Oma and I went over town after school and I bought some material for my blouse goods.

September 17  Went over town again this afternoon after school.  I met Mother at the library went to the new Heathman Hotel + bought my Fr book from a girl.  Walked home with Daddy.

September 18  This evening I studied.  So many times I have wished that one could get all their studying done at school + have evenings free for pleasure.

September 19  Rose + I went swimming then went to movie "William Tell at Church."  Rose ate dinner with us and then we all went to see "The Life of Christ."

September 20  Walked most of the way home with Oma tonight.  We cut through the woods.  It is a very pretty walk.

September 21  Just a week since I started school.  Does seem rather nice to be back.  Just finished writing a letter to Vi.

September 22  Went to Sunday School.  In afternoon went with Mother to see Shirley Temple in "Little Colonel" + Jean Muir in "Delightful."  I enjoyed both movies ever so much. 

September 23  This morning I asked Miss Unger if she had any work for me to do.  She sent me to Miss Renio, the cataloguor.  I am to work Mondays + Fridays. 

September 24  Had both a tennis and gym class today.  Had an FERA or NYA meeting today. 

September 25  Went to my first Psych conf this year.  Just my luck not to know anybody in the conference.  But the time is best for me.

September 26  Oma and I eat our lunch down by the lake.  It is beautiful there.  In the afternoon Rose + I played tennis.  Worked an hour in the libary.

September 27  Did not feel well this afternoon so came home early.  I missed a Fr. class and had to get excused from 3 hours library work.  Will have to work 6 hours Monday to fill my quota for month.

September 28  Wrote me Psych paper on How to Study.  The 1st part of paper is information we have gained on how to study from reading.  The 2nd part is how we ourselves study + how to improve our methods.  My! it is a lovely feeling to have it all done.

September 29  Went to church, copied my Psych paper, practiced my music, took a walk. 

September 30  Am riding to school with Rosemarie and her mother.  It doesn't safe anything and I have to walk six blocks, but it helps them out as I pay them what I pay for car fare.

Friday, January 1, 2016

October-December, 1935

October 1935

October 1  Turned my time slip for N.Y.A. today.  Thank goodness I was able to get my required hours in although had to work six hours yesterday to do it.

October 2  Rose is lucky.  She has no classes on Wednesday.  She has a nice holiday in the middle of the week.

October 3  Played Badminton with Rose.  Seemed so good to be playing it again.  I certainly enjoy the game.

October 4  Because it was rainy Rose + I + a Japanese girl played tennis indoors.  Then I + J. went swimming.  It was cold but lots of fun.

October 5  Mother + I went over town and she bought a pretty pair of shoes.  I bought a pair of stockings, and a box of powder.  Meet Alice + later Lillian- had a nice visit.

October 6  Mother and I went to church when we came home listened to the last part of the world series.  The Cubs won today's game.

October 7  Worked in the library - erased books, cut leaves and pasted labels.  Oma showed me the prettiest basket which her aunt made for her.  Tigers won world series.

October 8  Played tennis and soccer today.  Today Dr. Griffith was a absent minded professor in earnest.  He forgot to come to class until someone looked him up.

October 9  Reed is going to have a moonlight hike.  We leave college at 8:30 Saturday night + ride in a truck as far as Multnomah Falls.  From there we climb Larch Mountain so that we get at the top in time for the sunrise.

October 10  Enjoyed Campus days.  Racked leaves again this year.  Florence and I watched the tug of war.  But sad to say the Sophs were pulled thru the lake.  They tried to throw the freshie pres. in the lake.

October 11  Today played tennis went swimming.  Enjoyed chapel- entertained by tune detective.  Worked four hours in the afternoon because our time slips were due.

October 12  This morning tried on my hiking outfit.  Went with Mother to get new battery for our flashlight.  I slept for about two hours this afternoon.  Left College at about 9:30 in a truck for Multnomah Falls.  It was a lovely moonlight night.

October 13  Got home around 12:30.  After a bath had dinner.  Then took a nap.  Will never forget the hike.  The view from the summit was suberb.  On one side one could look down + see only space.  On the other side we watched the mist [move?] away + gradually distinguish outlines of Mt Hood, etc.

October 14  Today for the first time I worked upstairs at the desk in the library.  I think that I will like it, but is all a little confusing at first.

October 15  Had lots of fun in gym today.  We played soccer.  Florence is going to buy Rose's and my masks for the Masquerade Saturday night.

October 16  At Chapel heard a French talk given by the French consul of San Francisco.  I could only recognize words here and there.

October 17  I went out for gym today.  Played tennis with Florence and went swimming with Goldie.

October 18  After working in the library went home for dinner and then returned to school to dance in the social room.

October 19  Alice loaned me some bracelets + beads to make my gypsy costume more effective.  I went out to Rose's at 6:30.  We dressed + her father took to the Coed Ball.  We enjoyed ourselves so much + stayed to slumber party afterwards. Boys staked some rooms, fortunately ours was not.

October 20  Got home this morning about 10 o'clock and as we didn't sleep much last night, I took a nap.  Just listened to Eddie Cantor.  He surely pulls some good jokes.

October 21  Rose and I played Squash with two other girls and we won both games.  Hurray for our side.  This afternoon I pasted labels, stamped, + filed.

October 22  Today has been a lovely day.  The sun has been shiny so brightly and the air is chill + snappy.  It reminds me of fall days at home.

October 23  At Chapel heard Mr. Stephens, an Irish poet speak.  One of the things he said was after we had filled our minds if we proceeded to empty them we could write originally.  He read several of his poems.  

October 24  Had a Psych test today.  This afternoon Rose and I played on the Sophomore team but the freshman beat us 2-0.  But there were 3 less people on our team.

October 25  Enjoyed tennis and it was a lovely day for it.  Our French 33 Class had lunch together and Mr. M talked on Descartes.  Went to tea.  Peggy, Rose + I ate supper at College then danced. 

October 26  Mother and I walked over town and I bought the prettiest rust color zipper twin sweater brush wool set.  I love it especially the color. 

October 27  Went to church and also to the movies.  Saw "Les Miserables" and "My Heart is Calling."  Both were good.  "Les Miserables" is a strong dramatic story. 

October 28  Played squash today.  Worked at filling cards.  Enjoyed wearing my new sweater.  The rust color is almost a rose red + satisfies something in me. 

October 29  Have just taken some our plants in from window box + covered others with paper and hope they will not freeze.  It snowed today which made me very happy.  Played badminton.

October 30  It is very cold but I like bright cold snappy days.  I wonder if it is because it makes me think of Dakota.  Although I would not care to live there I will always have a warm spot in my heart for it. 

October 31  Rose and I came home early today.  I wrote a lit paper on the Improvement of Faust. 

November 1935

November 1  Rose invited me to her home for dinner.  We played a game (forgotten the name) after eating.  It is still very cold.

November 2  Started to read the Diary of a Maiden."  She was a Russian Princess at Catherine's court.  It is very interesting.

November 3  Mother, Daddy and I saw "Naughty Marietta."  I enjoyed it so much could go and see it again.  The story was very interesting and the music wonderful.

November 4  Today read book selves in the library.  Rather like it but is awfully hard on one's eyes.

November 5  It seemed so good not to have to work this afternoon.  Had a good time playing in gym after Fr. Class.

November 6  We are well on in November.  These Turkeys at the bottom of the page remain me of Thanksgiving + vacation.

November 7  Florence, Rose, and I have decided that it would be jolly fun to go Skating some Thursday afternoon.

November 8  Rose and I stayed at College to eat our dinner.  Then we danced in the social room.

November 9  Mother + I walked over town- it is really beginning to be a Saturday custom.

November 10  Went to Church.  Dr. Acheson preached a good sermon "The Ghost of Caesar."

November 11  Armistice day but no vacation for me- Classes to go to and library work to do.  Such is life.

November 12  I am going to enjoy this week.  The Carnival is Friday.  And it was such fun last year.  Something nice to look forward to. 

November 13  Rose + I are on the Wheel of Change Committee and we are going to hash in the evening so we will be plenty busy.

November 14  Took my white elephant today, a little manicuring set.  The girls have all brought nice white elephants.

November 15  This has been a busy day.  But the carnival is great fun.  Rose and I hashed and worked in the wheel of change booth.  Bought some white elephants. 

November 16  Busy doing common place things.

November 17  Was very good and went to Church.

November 18  When it is time to get up Monday morning I always dread getting up and going to school but I enjoy it when I get there.  Heard Sherlock Holmes, very good.

November 19  Had lots of fun playing volley ball.  This evening listened to Covered Wagon Days.  Enjoyed it.

November 20  It was such a lovely day played tennis.  It really is much nicer being outside than in the Gym.

November 21  Was disappointed today because Leanna didn't show up to give us our Ping Pong lesson.  Have a long lesson in Fr.  34 pages.

November 22  Rose came home from school with me.  Mother had a lovely dinner for us.  We played whist in the evening.

November 23  Mother and I walked over town.  We saw the a cunning window display of the Alps.  There was an inn train, cows with tails that wagged, chickens, mountain climbers, butting goats, etc.

November 24  We saw the best movie today "The Whole Town is Talking" with Edward G. Robinson.

November 25  The Sophomore Volley ball team played the seniors and did we or did we get beaten.  75-11.  It was great fun tho.  Heard Gish quite in Down East over Radio, very good.

November 26  In gym class played Volley Ball, had lots of fun.  Rose is lucky she doesn't have to come to school tomorrow so has 5 days of vacation.

November 27  My it seems good not to study to night.  And I am looking forward to tomorrow as a day in which not one speck of studying will be done.

November 28  Again this year we enjoyed the Thanksgiving service in the Auditorium.  In the middle of the prayer the lights went out and did not come on for some 5 or 10 minutes.  Had a lovely dinner.  Mr. H. gave us some ice cream.  Saw 'The Call of the Wild' and Man of [Arrance?].  Enjoyed them.

November 29  And Thanksgiving day is past, but 3 more days of vacation and Oh how I will enjoy them.

November 30  Went over town.  Everything is taking on a Christmas aspect.  The store windows are all decorated for Christmas.  L.W. Store has a little moving picture in their window showing The Night Before Christmas- Mickey Mouse.

December 1935

December 1  Mother and I went to the Evangilical Church in Ladd Addition.  It is a pretty little church.  After dinner we all walked over town to go to a movie.  We noticed it was [pickeded?] as came home without seeing a movie.

December 2  Filed cards for 3 1/2 hours in the library today.  Heard a good play over the radio this evening 'The Swan.'

December 3  Oma has got excused from taking gym.  I think the gym is one of the nicest things about Reed.  I had just loads of fun playing Volley Ball today.

December 4  Came home right after lit lecture today wasn't feeling well so laid down until 5 o'clock.

December 5  This evening finished my lit paper on tracing the development of Worthsworth through his poetry.  No easy job for me. 

December 6  Our Sopomore played another volley Ball game this afternoon.  We got beat but oh how fun the playing was.  This even. started reading on [Gedards?] for my Psych paper. 

December 7  It has rained all day today- really a fine time to study, read some Psych and Lamb.  I like him.  Mother + I played cribbage after supper.

December 8  We went to the Star Hawthorne today and saw Will Rogers in 'Doubting Thomas' a good comedy + another picture.  a take off on Psych.

December 9  Played Ping Pong with Thelma and she won.  She is a very good server.

December 10  Have been busy this evening studying French, and I wanted to get time to study for my Psych test but it is 10 and I am going to bed.

December 11  Had a test in Psychology today.  They were all true + false questions but very tricky.

December 12  Rose and I helped prepare for the A.R.A. tea today.  It was really fun.  We set the table + made oodles + oodles of tiny sandwitches.

December 13  This is the first Friday eve. I have studied for don't know when.  I read for my Psychology paper. 

December 14  Read for my P. paper, practiced, read Lamb, took a walk, ate my meals, listened to Radio- all my day consisted of.

December 15  Most of today I read Lamb's essays and about gland + gland + more glands.  This eve. went to church to hear The Holy City.

December 16  Only four more days until vacation and oh how glad I will be.  Heard "The Truth" a play over the radio.  Enjoyed it.

December 17  Played my Ping Pong match with Josefhina and won.  Rose wasn't at school today.  I hope neither she or her mother are sick.

December 18  I came home early today to write my Psych paper on Glands of Internal excretion.  I am glad it has to be in before vacation so will have vacation without study.

December 19  Rose came to school just for a minute to bring her Psych paper.  Has a bad cold.  I finished my Psych paper tonight. 

December 20  And vacation has come.  Oh it seems nice to look again, to a two weeks vacation.  We trimmed the Christmas tree tonight.  Played badminton match with Mary and won.

December 21  Mother and I walked over town + did some more Christmas shopping.  When we got home Frykman's present was waiting for us.  I [? ? ?].  Oh boy.

December 22  As usual went to church.  Dr. A. preached a very good sermon.  At 5:30 we saw the Christmas Drama, which was very good + scenery was effective.

December 23  Mother and I went over town and we finished our Christmas shopping.

December 24  This Christmas eve we opened all our Christmas cards.  They were all very pretty and best of all most had notes on.

December 25  This Christmas after opening our presents we had breakfast, did up the work + then walked over to the United Artist to see The Tale of Two Cities.  We enjoyed it ever so much.

December 26  We received a letter from Aunt Annie today in which she said there was a possibility that she + E. + F. would come out to see us.  Mother + I began planning places where we would take them.

December 27  Miss Van Dyne came over for dinner and then whist.  Daddy + I won.  Hurrah for our side.

December 28  Mother + I read a novel today "My Lady of the South" by Parrish.  I enjoyed reading something light again.  I wonder if I can ever outgrow my love of a good story. 

December 29  We went to two entertaining movies today.  'His Woman' and 'Stolen Harmony.'  Played Ping Pong.

December 30  Daddy and I played four games of ping pong.  Heard some good programs over the radio.  Mother + I were going over town but it rained.

December 31  Went over town, played ping pong, listened to radio.  Not going to watch New Year in this year.  Haven't even made any resolutions yet.  Think I will decide which one to make when in bed.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

January-March 1936


January 1  Saw 2 movies.  'People will Talk' + 'A Cowboy on Broadway.'  In the evening we played Ping Pong + took down our Christmas + burned it in the fireplace.

January 2  This morning worked in the administration building copying grades + other data of P. school children.  Then went out to Rose's.  Got there at 2:30 and stayed there until 9:30.  Looked at albums, Christmas presents, played several games, had a lovely dinner, + took a walk.

January 3  Worked at administration building again.

January 4  This morning I didn't feel well so didn't go to the administration building until afternoon and then no one was there.

January 5  My eye is paining today.  Afraid I am getting a stye.

January 6  Came home right after lunch because my eye was too bad to work in the library.

January 7  Slept, poulticed my eye, listened to radio.

January 8  Same as Tuesday

January 9  Same

January 10  Went to Reed Library to try to work.  But my eye looked so bad Miss Unger excused me.  She let me make out my time slip as if I had worked + when my eye was better I could make it up.  Wasn't that ducky of her.

January 11  Mother + I went over town this morning, and I had my eye lanced.  This afternoon I put hot bonic packs on it.

January 12  Heard a very good sermon on Prayer.  It seems so good to have my eye well.

January 13  Back to school again.  I working in the library this afternoon shelving magazines.

January 14  I am going to be very busy making up all my school work + library work an dexams coming on besides.

January 15  Florence and I played Ping Pong today.

January 16  Rose and I helped with tea.  It is very much fun and we can eat all we want to.

January 17

January 18

January 19  We saw 2 good movies at the paramount.  George Arliss is "Mr Hobo" and Barbara Stanwick is "Annie Oakley."  I enjoyed both.

January 20

January 21

January 22

January 23

January 24

January 25  Took a walk and studied and now I am sleepy.  But thank goodness my lit paper is ready to hand in.

January 26  Went to church, had a walk, listened to the radio.

January 27  Rose wasn't at school today.  I wonder if she or her mother are sick.  I hope nothing serious.  Worked 3 hours reading shelves.

January 28  There was only three members in our gym class today.  We practiced throwing baskets.

January 29  Oma doesn't think much of Christians.  She says they are narrow minded hypocrites, haters of other races etc.  I don't think she's right.

January 30  Had our first tap dancing class today.  I think I am going to like the teacher.  Must get some dancing shoes.

January 31  I must have been very busy last year.  I see I didn't write anything for January 31.  Florence and I had lots of fun playing ping pong.


February 1  Read Leopardi.  He is interesting reading.  Mother + I took a nice walk.  It is cold but I like it.

February 2  Only place we went this Sunday was to church.  I studied, listened to the radio + played cards.

February 3  I started work early today so I could come home.  I had a lovely nap and then listened to The Lux Radio Theater.  John Boles in "Green Grow the Lilacs."

February 4  Play a ping pong tournament with Peggy and won.  Went over to the business and payed my tuition.

February 5  Mr. Chittick gave an interesting lecture today.  He said an author might write on a pessimistic subject which would be uplifting if real art (?).  I am afraid I could never appreciate art to such an extent.

February 6  This is Rose's birthday.  It is too bad that her cold still bothers her.  Called up Ruth tonight.  She still likes her work though she is working hard.

February 7  Rose and I played our badminton match vs. Miriam + Elizabeth.  We won.  My it got cold this afternoon, this evening 17°.  And to think that last year we could read outside.

February 8  Mother + I went over town today and I bought some tap dancing shoes and some Valentines.  Oh yes I had my eye reexamined and I do not need new glasses am so happy.

February 9  Mother, Daddy and I saw the best movie today.  "Rose Marie," a musical play in which Jeannette McDonald and Nelson Eddy were starred.  I enjoy their singing so well + the story was very good.

February 10  I always enjoy Monday evenings because I listen to the lux radio theater.  They nearly always put on an interesting play.

February 11  Today at lunch our talk centered about the Townsend Plan.  I am very sure it wouldn't work.

February 12  Florence and I played badminton and had a very good time.

February 13  Enjoyed the tap dancing class today.  We are learning a very cute dance to "Turkey in the Straw."

February 14  Rose + I played a badminton tournament, but lost.  Rose gave me the nicest valentine.  It is one she made herself- a framed picture.

February 15  Didn't feel like studying today.  Felt as if I should have, but too late now.

February 16  Today was very cold, the only time I ventured out was to walk to church.

February 17  It is still cold- even colder but I am very happy because it snowed this afternoon.  It really seems good to have some genuine winter.

February 18  It was so cold the gym was closed today.  I missed not going over to play a game.  Test in Psych tomorrow.  Oh dear.

February 19  After my Psych test worked until five filing cards in library.  Neither Rose or Florence were at school today.

February 20  Rose + I had a pleasant afternoon-  2 dancing classes + then the Sophomore party at Keezer's- Chocolate, cookies + song.

Feburary 21  Had a new job in the Library which I liked very much - unpacking books.  At Chapel today heard Pattie Greenwood play the piano.  She is very good.

February 22  Such luck.  Wash. birthday comes on Sat. so no extra holiday from school.  Mother + I had a lovely walk this morning.  The air was so fresh + balmy + a refreshing west wind.

February 23  The weather has given us lots of variety today.  Sunshine with beautiful blue sky, rain, hail, and snow.

February 24  Very good chapel today- Man from Australian college, good speaker.  Got an interesting letter from Edith.  Mother got a mug from A. A.

February 25  Today had a very good time playing badminton.

February 26  Played ping pong with Florence.

February 27  This evening have been trying to study for a lit test.  It is especially hard to study for.  Mr. Chittick asks very definite questions.

February 28  Mother and I went to the play "You Are Right If You Think You Are" given in the Reed College Commons.  We enjoyed it very much.

February 29  The 29th of Feb and didn't celebrate in any way.  Mother + I took a walk.


March 1  This year has another warm spring day.  Hope March doesn't go out like a lamb now.

March 2  Heard a very good play over the Radio tonight.  Have not been able to study tonight.  I am really getting dreadfully lazy.

March 3  Tonight have been studying for my Fr 33 test.  Thus it was no time to start reading for my Psych paper.

March 4  Came home today right after my psych class and had a nice nap before studying for my French test tomorrow.

March 5  I always enjoy Thursday afternoon- no studying.  Had 2 dancing classes + then helped with tea + of course ate a lot.

March 6  Rose and I had some nice games of badminton.  We were planning on playing tennis but is colder today.

March 7  Mother and I took a lovely walk.  We saw a nice house for rent and began "building castles in Spain."  It was fun even if we don't move.

March 8  Enjoyed the sermon today, and also a walk.  Sundays go so fast.  I suppose it is because I just get up in time for church + that is not over till 12:30.

March 9

March 10  Heard some very uncomplimentary opinions about a man who is thought very highly of in our church.  I wonder who is right in their judgement.  Had a fine game of badminton.

March 11  Today after school I went to the Central library and hunted for books for my Psych paper.  I enjoyed the walk home even if my arms got sore from so many books.

March 12  Had another afternoon of dancing, then Rose and I went to tea.  Started reading Rousseau in French tonight.

March 13  I was able to hear Md. Pouteau read a Fr. play.  It is only the 2nd time I have been able to hear her.  Hope I can hear her oftener from now on.  Won 4 games of badminton this afternoon.

March 14  It is only one-thirty AM and I have finished my Psych paper on "The Gestalt theory of learning" - a hard subject.

March 15   Had a lovely walk - beautiful spring day.  Heard some good radio programs.  I have my Psych paper all copied - am so happy.

March 16  Rose, Florence + I had some nice games of ping pong.  I'm very sleepy.

March 17  Today we played baseball.  It seemed awfully good to play outside.

March 18  I worked this afternoon because Friday is Canyon day.  I am looking forward to it.

March 19  Today has been a perfect day.  It was so nice this afternoon I couldn't do a bit of studying.  Life seems so worth while on days like this.  Walked home with Oma.

March 20  The weather has been perfect for Canyon day.  Florence + I worked on the tennis courts.  I enjoyed our lunch and the games in the afternoon.

March 21  Mother and I walked over town and I bought a pair of white shoes.  It is now 12:30 and I have just finished my paper Tennyson The Thinker + The Poet.

March 22  We saw a very good show today "Anna Karenina."  I am anxious to read the book now.  The other feature was [fair?] a musical comedy "Go on with the Dance."

March 23  My but has been a cold rainy day.  It sleeted several times.  We had canyon day just in time.

March 24  It was so cold we couldn't play baseball outdoors but had to play inside.  It was fun anyway.

March 25  Florence has been out of school 2 days with a cold.  She still looks very sick.  I felt sorry for her.

March 26  Thursday afternoon again brought its dancing class and afterwards tea.  I am really learning to like tea, but I still enjoy the cake, cookies, or sandwiches more.  Rose and I won the whist game.

March 27  Today started a rather unpleasant job in the library, the inventory of magazines.  Rose came home with me.  Enjoyed the even.

March 28  It has seemed good not to have a paper to write this week and I enjoyed going to bed early.

March 29  Went to church.  The sermon was on identification.  I enjoyed.  Dr. Acheson is very sincere.  I wonder what Oma + Florence would think of him.

March 30  Oma, Florence + I went to see the Fr. talkie "A Nous La Liberte."  I was somewhat disappointed in it.  But I am glad I went.

March 31  Our gym class was small again today.  But it had variety.  We played badminton, jumped rope, and tumbled.