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January-March 1936


January 1  Saw 2 movies.  'People will Talk' + 'A Cowboy on Broadway.'  In the evening we played Ping Pong + took down our Christmas + burned it in the fireplace.

January 2  This morning worked in the administration building copying grades + other data of P. school children.  Then went out to Rose's.  Got there at 2:30 and stayed there until 9:30.  Looked at albums, Christmas presents, played several games, had a lovely dinner, + took a walk.

January 3  Worked at administration building again.

January 4  This morning I didn't feel well so didn't go to the administration building until afternoon and then no one was there.

January 5  My eye is paining today.  Afraid I am getting a stye.

January 6  Came home right after lunch because my eye was too bad to work in the library.

January 7  Slept, poulticed my eye, listened to radio.

January 8  Same as Tuesday

January 9  Same

January 10  Went to Reed Library to try to work.  But my eye looked so bad Miss Unger excused me.  She let me make out my time slip as if I had worked + when my eye was better I could make it up.  Wasn't that ducky of her.

January 11  Mother + I went over town this morning, and I had my eye lanced.  This afternoon I put hot bonic packs on it.

January 12  Heard a very good sermon on Prayer.  It seems so good to have my eye well.

January 13  Back to school again.  I working in the library this afternoon shelving magazines.

January 14  I am going to be very busy making up all my school work + library work an dexams coming on besides.

January 15  Florence and I played Ping Pong today.

January 16  Rose and I helped with tea.  It is very much fun and we can eat all we want to.

January 17

January 18

January 19  We saw 2 good movies at the paramount.  George Arliss is "Mr Hobo" and Barbara Stanwick is "Annie Oakley."  I enjoyed both.

January 20

January 21

January 22

January 23

January 24

January 25  Took a walk and studied and now I am sleepy.  But thank goodness my lit paper is ready to hand in.

January 26  Went to church, had a walk, listened to the radio.

January 27  Rose wasn't at school today.  I wonder if she or her mother are sick.  I hope nothing serious.  Worked 3 hours reading shelves.

January 28  There was only three members in our gym class today.  We practiced throwing baskets.

January 29  Oma doesn't think much of Christians.  She says they are narrow minded hypocrites, haters of other races etc.  I don't think she's right.

January 30  Had our first tap dancing class today.  I think I am going to like the teacher.  Must get some dancing shoes.

January 31  I must have been very busy last year.  I see I didn't write anything for January 31.  Florence and I had lots of fun playing ping pong.


February 1  Read Leopardi.  He is interesting reading.  Mother + I took a nice walk.  It is cold but I like it.

February 2  Only place we went this Sunday was to church.  I studied, listened to the radio + played cards.

February 3  I started work early today so I could come home.  I had a lovely nap and then listened to The Lux Radio Theater.  John Boles in "Green Grow the Lilacs."

February 4  Play a ping pong tournament with Peggy and won.  Went over to the business and payed my tuition.

February 5  Mr. Chittick gave an interesting lecture today.  He said an author might write on a pessimistic subject which would be uplifting if real art (?).  I am afraid I could never appreciate art to such an extent.

February 6  This is Rose's birthday.  It is too bad that her cold still bothers her.  Called up Ruth tonight.  She still likes her work though she is working hard.

February 7  Rose and I played our badminton match vs. Miriam + Elizabeth.  We won.  My it got cold this afternoon, this evening 17°.  And to think that last year we could read outside.

February 8  Mother + I went over town today and I bought some tap dancing shoes and some Valentines.  Oh yes I had my eye reexamined and I do not need new glasses am so happy.

February 9  Mother, Daddy and I saw the best movie today.  "Rose Marie," a musical play in which Jeannette McDonald and Nelson Eddy were starred.  I enjoy their singing so well + the story was very good.

February 10  I always enjoy Monday evenings because I listen to the lux radio theater.  They nearly always put on an interesting play.

February 11  Today at lunch our talk centered about the Townsend Plan.  I am very sure it wouldn't work.

February 12  Florence and I played badminton and had a very good time.

February 13  Enjoyed the tap dancing class today.  We are learning a very cute dance to "Turkey in the Straw."

February 14  Rose + I played a badminton tournament, but lost.  Rose gave me the nicest valentine.  It is one she made herself- a framed picture.

February 15  Didn't feel like studying today.  Felt as if I should have, but too late now.

February 16  Today was very cold, the only time I ventured out was to walk to church.

February 17  It is still cold- even colder but I am very happy because it snowed this afternoon.  It really seems good to have some genuine winter.

February 18  It was so cold the gym was closed today.  I missed not going over to play a game.  Test in Psych tomorrow.  Oh dear.

February 19  After my Psych test worked until five filing cards in library.  Neither Rose or Florence were at school today.

February 20  Rose + I had a pleasant afternoon-  2 dancing classes + then the Sophomore party at Keezer's- Chocolate, cookies + song.

Feburary 21  Had a new job in the Library which I liked very much - unpacking books.  At Chapel today heard Pattie Greenwood play the piano.  She is very good.

February 22  Such luck.  Wash. birthday comes on Sat. so no extra holiday from school.  Mother + I had a lovely walk this morning.  The air was so fresh + balmy + a refreshing west wind.

February 23  The weather has given us lots of variety today.  Sunshine with beautiful blue sky, rain, hail, and snow.

February 24  Very good chapel today- Man from Australian college, good speaker.  Got an interesting letter from Edith.  Mother got a mug from A. A.

February 25  Today had a very good time playing badminton.

February 26  Played ping pong with Florence.

February 27  This evening have been trying to study for a lit test.  It is especially hard to study for.  Mr. Chittick asks very definite questions.

February 28  Mother and I went to the play "You Are Right If You Think You Are" given in the Reed College Commons.  We enjoyed it very much.

February 29  The 29th of Feb and didn't celebrate in any way.  Mother + I took a walk.


March 1  This year has another warm spring day.  Hope March doesn't go out like a lamb now.

March 2  Heard a very good play over the Radio tonight.  Have not been able to study tonight.  I am really getting dreadfully lazy.

March 3  Tonight have been studying for my Fr 33 test.  Thus it was no time to start reading for my Psych paper.

March 4  Came home today right after my psych class and had a nice nap before studying for my French test tomorrow.

March 5  I always enjoy Thursday afternoon- no studying.  Had 2 dancing classes + then helped with tea + of course ate a lot.

March 6  Rose and I had some nice games of badminton.  We were planning on playing tennis but is colder today.

March 7  Mother and I took a lovely walk.  We saw a nice house for rent and began "building castles in Spain."  It was fun even if we don't move.

March 8  Enjoyed the sermon today, and also a walk.  Sundays go so fast.  I suppose it is because I just get up in time for church + that is not over till 12:30.

March 9

March 10  Heard some very uncomplimentary opinions about a man who is thought very highly of in our church.  I wonder who is right in their judgement.  Had a fine game of badminton.

March 11  Today after school I went to the Central library and hunted for books for my Psych paper.  I enjoyed the walk home even if my arms got sore from so many books.

March 12  Had another afternoon of dancing, then Rose and I went to tea.  Started reading Rousseau in French tonight.

March 13  I was able to hear Md. Pouteau read a Fr. play.  It is only the 2nd time I have been able to hear her.  Hope I can hear her oftener from now on.  Won 4 games of badminton this afternoon.

March 14  It is only one-thirty AM and I have finished my Psych paper on "The Gestalt theory of learning" - a hard subject.

March 15   Had a lovely walk - beautiful spring day.  Heard some good radio programs.  I have my Psych paper all copied - am so happy.

March 16  Rose, Florence + I had some nice games of ping pong.  I'm very sleepy.

March 17  Today we played baseball.  It seemed awfully good to play outside.

March 18  I worked this afternoon because Friday is Canyon day.  I am looking forward to it.

March 19  Today has been a perfect day.  It was so nice this afternoon I couldn't do a bit of studying.  Life seems so worth while on days like this.  Walked home with Oma.

March 20  The weather has been perfect for Canyon day.  Florence + I worked on the tennis courts.  I enjoyed our lunch and the games in the afternoon.

March 21  Mother and I walked over town and I bought a pair of white shoes.  It is now 12:30 and I have just finished my paper Tennyson The Thinker + The Poet.

March 22  We saw a very good show today "Anna Karenina."  I am anxious to read the book now.  The other feature was [fair?] a musical comedy "Go on with the Dance."

March 23  My but has been a cold rainy day.  It sleeted several times.  We had canyon day just in time.

March 24  It was so cold we couldn't play baseball outdoors but had to play inside.  It was fun anyway.

March 25  Florence has been out of school 2 days with a cold.  She still looks very sick.  I felt sorry for her.

March 26  Thursday afternoon again brought its dancing class and afterwards tea.  I am really learning to like tea, but I still enjoy the cake, cookies, or sandwiches more.  Rose and I won the whist game.

March 27  Today started a rather unpleasant job in the library, the inventory of magazines.  Rose came home with me.  Enjoyed the even.

March 28  It has seemed good not to have a paper to write this week and I enjoyed going to bed early.

March 29  Went to church.  The sermon was on identification.  I enjoyed.  Dr. Acheson is very sincere.  I wonder what Oma + Florence would think of him.

March 30  Oma, Florence + I went to see the Fr. talkie "A Nous La Liberte."  I was somewhat disappointed in it.  But I am glad I went.

March 31  Our gym class was small again today.  But it had variety.  We played badminton, jumped rope, and tumbled.

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