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September-December 1934

September 1934

From two small looseleaf pages tucked inside the diary:

My College Diary

Thursday, Sept. 13.
This afternoon at two-thirty I peeled my last pear at Libby’s cannery for this year, and will start my college career tomorrow.
I wonder what the next four years will hold for me, I hope at the end a B.A. from Reed, and a position in some high school.
Sat., Sept. 15.
Yesterday was all very exciting.  When I arrived at Reed, I went to the table to ask for my registration material.  At 9 o’clock went to the assembly at which President Keezer, Ivar Hanson, president of the student body and the president A.R.A. spoke.  After lunch Peggy and I signed up for a gym locker and payed fifty cents for our gym towels which means a clean towel every day.  From 1:10 – 2:10 we took the Thurston Aptitude test, which was horrid.  I got home about 3:30 rather weary, but not too tired to go out to practice until suppertime.  Today just as I was going up the walk to the Arts building, I met Marjorie and we went over to the library together for the tour.  After that I paid my fees, arranged my gym class and signed up for tennis + swimming.  At 11:30 took my reading test and then Marjorie and I went to the commons for lunch.  After I got my conferences assigned + obtained signatures, I completed my registration.  Marjorie and I then went over town and bought our gym suits and I bought two tennis balls.
Sunday Sept. 16.  This has been a quiet uneventful day.  Went to Sunday School, and practiced music before and after lunch.  Made out my study schedule and find I will have a very very busy year.  We took a walk at seven and are ready to make pancakes for supper.  Then for a chapter in “Pollyanna in Hollywood” and to bed.

[From here on out, everything else is written in the diary]

September 26, 1934  When I came home from college Muriel + Violet surprised me with this lovely present.  I am going to copy the few entrances from my other diary.

September 27, 1934  This afternoon Carol + I went Bug hunting + caught 15 bugs.  After our swim, studied in library until 5:30.  Mother + Daddy gave me a lovely briefcase.

September 28, 1934  Caught a dragon-fly to-day.  Am taking Violet and Muriel to the A.R.A. Bonfire to night.  enjoyed my briefcase.

September 29, 1934  While Violet was working at the coffee shop, I tried to catch up with my schoolwork for this week.  Violet quit her job tonight because the hours were too long.

September 30, 1934  Violet, Ruth + I went to S.S.  Violet didn’t like “Pop” Sage because he used the expression “cold blooded” 6 times in his talk.  Catch a beetle + red-legged bug.

October 1934

October 1  It seems hard to believe Oct. is here already.  Muriel left at 2 o'clock today but Violet is still here hoping to get a job

October 2  In biology lecture to-day, Mr. Griffin told us the test before Thanksgiving was important.  If we flunk it, we have to drop the course.

October 3  There was a new-student assembly to-day at which Dr. Cerf talked on the honor principle.  Vi went over town to see about a sewing + pressing job.

October 4  Oma + I went "bugging" in the afternoon.  Then we read the Odyssey in a secluded corner of the campus.  Audith told me she doesn't like the home she is writing in.

October 5  At assembly today we heard a French lecture.  I was able to recognize a few words.  Played tennis for 2 hours.  Danced with Violet this evening.

October 6  Vi + I went over town and I bought some blue wool crepe + some blue + red plaid silk for a new dress.  Ruth came over + we spent the evening dancing.

October 7  Vi + I went to S.S. + E. League.  Mother received a card "In Recognition of Achievement in Leadership."  Daddy listened to the World Series.

October 8  Today was a busy day at Reed.  With only one study period worked from 8 to 5:30.  After supper Vi took my measurements + fitted pattern.

October 9  Was able to get a secondhand  "Zadig" Voltaire from Tomas today. Vi is busy sewing on my dress.  She is going to enter it in a sewing contest.

October 10  Mother slipped a candy bar in my lunch to day.  My it tasted good.  Vi is working hard on my dress.  Worked on my seed report tonight.

October 11  Today is Campus day.  (Oma, Arythe + I) We raked leaves all morning, + thus earned a lunch ticket.  After lunch we watched the tug of war + the Freshman dragged the Shop thru the lake.

October 12  Played tennis for two hours this afternoon.  Vi + I danced this evening.  Mother finished my yellow blouse.

October 13  We were excited over the football game between U. of Oregon + U. of Washington.  Vi was happy when W. beat 16-6, but O. gained more yardage.

October 14  We all went out "bugging" and Daddy caught 3 pretty butterflies for me.  Vi + I went to Sunday-day school, E. league + church.  M Dean sang at league.

October 15  Monday is always a hard day.  I have to be at school by 8 for a English conf. and am not thru until after gym class which is after 5.

October 16  Today we were surprised by a biology test, it was quite hard for we had not reviewed our notes.

October 17  Today we had a history test, it was supposed to have been a surprise test, but the news leaked out, we could study for it.

October 18  Today in biology lecture Dr. Griff told us to expect another test Tuesday.  This afternoon played soccer with juniors.

October 19  I forgot to mention the fact that Mrs. Hall of Hood River spent Wednesday evening with us.  She told us all Hood River news.  Mother got a new pair of shoes.

October 20  This morning read Aescusles then Vi + I played duets.  This evening Daddy wrote some Phoenician inscriptions to send to Lil + I + Vi drew pictures on back of letter.  Had a good time laughing.

October 21  The wind has been blowing hard all day to day, and I have enjoyed it so much.  I like to feel its strong arms buffet me + it makes me thing of N.D.

October 22  This morning Oma told me she has a cricket and a orange spider to give me.  Dr. Griffin saw the spemin + said it was a very good one.

October 23  In Biology lecture Dr. Griff. showed us many poisonous snakes which were mostly tropical.  Mother slipped an Old Henry in my lunch.  My it was good.  Vi went to library tonight to get a copy of Iliad for me, but when she got home, I discovered she had brought a copy written in Greek.

October 24  Went to a tea in honor of Mrs. Keezer given in Anna Mann.  Mother has just come home from her Wed. night class so I am going to bed.

October 25  Today has been a rainy day.  But it has been a fitting scene for we had a rather hard biology test.

October 26  It was a beautiful sunny day + was able to play tennis.  To-day while eating some girls said that Mr. Cerf was an Atheist + what a discussion we had.

October 27  Mother walked over town this beautiful day.  I wrote a paper for English + read "Antigone" + listened to Vi who entertained me with amusing stories.

October 28  Vi + I went to Sunday School + then played duets.  After dinner Mother + I played "Rosy Fingers."  Took a walk around the circle.  Oh hum am sleepy.

October 29  Had a more interesting lit conf. than usual, we discussed irony.  Oma + I would like to go on the hike next Sunday.  If I don't have a B. test I will.

October 30  Had a biology test had to diagram the conjugation of the paramecium.  Didn't like what Dr. Cerf said about the Pollyanna idea.

October 31  Got a note in my box from Clare Gallegher saying she would like to see me before Thursday.  I wrote her to meet me in 315.  Wonder who she is? 

November 1934

November 1  November, what will you bring?  One horrid thing, a bi test on over half the book besides other 8 weeks tests.  But this isn't telling about the lectures for the women the tea + Clare.

November 2  Thursday went to hear Mr. Omsted? lecture on + sing parts of "La Tosca."  I received a letter from Libby's containing 48¢.  Altho small, I was glad to get it.

November 3  Studied biology, practiced piano, played duets with Vi, went shopping + danced with Vi.  Mother has a sore throat.  Hope it will soon be well.

November 4  Rain!  Rain!  Rain!  It rained so hard we all stayed home from Sunday School + church.  Mother's throat is still sore.  Tried to study Bi.

November 5  Studied hard for my Bi test and as it is I have still three chapters to read.  Had French and Lit test today.

November 6  The Bi test was hard.  It was an objective test but the true + false questions were the "catchy kind."  Vi got a job, she is to go to work Thursday.

November 7  Went to New Student Assembly.  We are going to have a party.  It is a banquet and will cost 50¢.  History test tomorrow.

November 8  History test was the essay type.  Played Badminton for 2 hours this afternoon.  Been up late this week tried to get to bed by 9 but is 10 already.

November 9  Mrs. Keezer gave a party for freshman.  She called it Chocolate, doughnuts, and surprizes!  Had a grand time.  Our favors were baby dolls with their bottles.

November 10  Went over town today with Mother.  This evening I wrote a lit paper and am now going to bed early to try + get my lost sleep made up.

November 11  Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  Practiced the piano.  Mother, Dad + I met Vi downtown and went to Treasure Island.  It was grand.

November 12  Although today is Armistice Day had to get up at 6 o'clock and go to Reed and wasn't able to get home until 6.  Of course yesterday was really Armistice but today public schools have holiday.

November 13  Just another school day.  And dear diary I am too sleepy to write anymore.

November 14  We are all excited over the Carnival.  I've brought my white elephant, a pretty string of blue beads.  Every girl donate something which might like to buy.  There is also going to be a fortune telling booth, frog + turtle races, hot dog stands, etc.  Dorms will be open for inspection.  Bridge in men's social room, dinner, play, dance etc.

November 15  Thurs.  When I got home from school Thursday washed my hair and Vi waved it for me.  Tomorrow is the big day!

November 16  The Carnival is over and what a success it was.  Vi, Oma + I had lots of fun buying white elephants and looking at other booths.  Oma + I hashed and thus earned our dinner.  Saw a splendid one act play "Sham."

November 17  Vi has got another job.  I walked down with her to the streetcar at 5:30.  Hope it is better than the last job.  Mother's arm still hurts her.

November 18  Read a book for my history paper.  Got dinner then practiced.  Mother + I went to see "The Wanderer" a drama given at Church.  Saw Ruth + had a nice visit.

November 19  Today was the first day I skipped a class.  Lit conf.  Worked with fruits in Bi lab + then had the fun of eating them.  Made about $400 on Carnival.

November 20  In bi lab we have started the external study of the crayfish.

November 21  Had more fun playing Badminton.  Viva and I won.  Then at four played Volley Ball.  Have a test in Bi tomorrow.

November 22  The white slips came out to day, was so relieved that I didn't get one.  Oma, Rose and I went over to the social room and danced for an hour.

November 23  Friday.  Had a grand time playing badminton, but Flossie and I lost the game, and we had to stop playing before we finished the 2nd.

November 24  Sat.  I have a new little cousin, Carol Jean.  Mother and I walked over town.  Tried to get some books on Greek slavery, but couldn't get much.

November 25  Stopped at Ruth to walk to Sunday School with her.  Vi was not able to come over.  Mother + I played duets.

November 26  Had a French test on our reader, which is writings of Voltaire.  In Gym class today Peggy and I were able to play badminton.  More fun.

November 27  I have just got home from the Freshman banquet.  It is 5 after 1 + am sleeply but had a swell time.  Had turkey dinner, played games + then danced.

November 28  Had to get up at 6 for a 8 o'clock and managed to get to class on time.  In gym class, played soccer.  Oma was able to find Rosty so will be hind in history reading.

November 29  Went to auditorium for Thanksgiving service.  Dr. Baxter gave a very nice speech.  Saw George Arliss in "The Last Gentleman."  Had a good dinner although we did not have turkey we had salmon.  Walking over town had fun thinking of reasons why we did not want turkey.

November 30  Vi spent the afternoon + evening with us.  We danced, played duets, and walked to the library.  Mother is tatting + Daddy snoring.  Goodby November, until next year.

December 1934

December 1  This first day of December have been working hard on my history paper and this evening wrote a lit. paper.  Why do college have to give so much work to do?

December 2  Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  She is in hopes she will be 1 of the 2 Lens Artists.  Vi got a letter from Muriel and Carol Jean is fine.  Mother + I played duets.

December 3  Was sick this morning so didn't go to school until 1 o'clock.  Wouldn't have gone then if it hadn't been important not to get behind in Bi lab.  Mother read to me this morn.

December 4  Finished my history paper "Greek Slavery" to-night.  Oh!  I am sleepy.

December 5  I signed up for the badminton tournament and my first match is to be played with Ruth S. before Monday.  So went over to practice up with Ruth Lewis.  We played for 2 hours.

December 6  I was so interested in Badminton that I forgot to mention the tea which was at Mrs. Keezer's in honor of the Dean of Women at Scripps.  She is interested in having college offer subjects which will be of more interest and value to women.

December 7  Played my match today.  And win!  We played 2 games.  1st game 11-4 and 2nd game 11-0.  Miss VanDine came over and we played cards.

December 8  Mother and I walked over town today and did some of our Christmas shopping, mostly window shopping.  This is the time of year when one really needs money.

December 9  As usual Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  I had just got home when Vi came in.  She is looking fine and likes her job very much.

December 10  Oma has been having ear trouble and went to see doc. this afternoon.  Had quite a discussion in Lit conf. because Dr. Cerf said our age was more barbarious than the Roman age.

December 11  The Doctor gave Oma some medicine for her ear + she is to go back in a week.  Hope her ear will be O.K.  Am working on the earthworm in Bi lab.  It is a delicate job to dissect it.

December 12  At lunch we talked about the Mt Hood trip which Reed takes W. + Thur.  My I wish I will be able to go.  Played a badminton match with Marj. 11-3, 11-1, then a 2nd match with Mary G. but was defeated 10-11, 13-15.  But two matches one after the other + a gym class on top of that is strenuous work.

December 13  Oma wasn't at school today so this evening I called up.  Mr. Hartmus said Oma was very sick + that her uncle was going to take her to Tacoma.  Poor Oma.  Hope she gets well soon.

December 14  We girls who eat lunch together decided to have a skating party during Christmas vacation.  In afternoon played badminton + Ping Pong with Beth.

December 15  Mother and I had a good time playing duets today.  I am learning to play 'La Paloma.'

December 16  It seemed good not to get up until 8 o'clock this morning.  Went to S.S. played duets, read Confuscius, went for a walk- such a very good Sunday.

December 17  Mother and I have just got through wrapping Christmas presents.  Christmas time is more fun.  Tomorrow is our last day of school.  Hurrah!

[In googling Oma and Hartmus I found this link- very exciting if this is indeed her!]

December 18   Mr. Hartmus said that he got a card from Oma saying that she left the hospital for home.  Mary won the tournament (badminton).

December 19  I have been very lazy this first day of vacation and oh it seems so good not to study.  I made some baking powder biscuits for supper.  (They were good if I do say so)

December 20  Expected to have Vi to come over today.  Ruth came over after supper, she brought a gift wrapped so pretty in white tissue paper and twigs of holly.

December 21  Mother and I went with Mrs. Walker to see the Christmas play given at Buckman.  Ralph did very well.  When we came home Vi was there to surprise us.

December 22  Mother and I played t and went over town to movie talkie "The Thundering Herd" and The Girl from Manhattan.  We walked home in a rain storm.

December 23  "Even if you don't success in what you go after, the exercise aids your digestion"  One of Dr. Pratt's sermonettes.  Helped sew curtains this after for the evening Christmas Pageant "The Search for the Holy Grail."  Ruth took the part of the angel very well.

December 24  We spent a very quite Christmas eve listening to Christmas carols on the radio, and watching the lights glow on our Christmas tree.  This afternoon went over to Ruth's to take her and Alice some gifts.  Ruth and I are going to a movie this week.

December 25  This has been a delightful Christmas.  At 10 o'clock we went to church.  Dr. Acheson gave me a new idea in interpreting the story of the shepherds and the wise men.  In the afternoon we saw "The Dude Ranger" and the Barretts of Wimpole Street.  The latter was exceptionally good.  I would enjoy seeing it again.

December 26  We got our package from the Frykman this morning.  I received some ducky undies, Mother some beautiful hose, and Daddy also got some stockings.  Miss Van Dyne came down + we had a grand argument.

December 27  Mother and I played duets + tonight we played cards.  Daddy isn't feeling well.  He has a cold.  Hope Vi comes over tomorrow.

December 28  Miss Van Dyne came down and we played Rummy.  I won both games.  Received a letter from Lil.

December 29  On our way over town we met Ruth.  We went to the Orpheus and saw Katherine Hepburn in "The Little Minister" and in the Vaudeville Olive + George (two midgets), yellow jackets, etc.  This picture was "awfully" good.

December 30  Vi came over.  We had a nice walk and then she treated me to a dish of ice cream.  We played cards and Daddy + I won.  After we got home from listening to the Christmas Cantata we had oyster stew.

December 31  This last day of the year Daddy + I won 3 games of whist from Mother + Myrtle V.D.  At 20 minutes to twelve we cooked some oyster stew and were eating as the new year came in.  Made 1 resolution.


  1. I like the bug-catching bits;)

  2. I like the bug-catching bits;)

  3. This is a wonderful project Jen. Life was so very different back then.

  4. On 12/29, do you suspect she meant the Orpheum Theater and not the Orpheus Theater?

  5. The Oma of the Reed obit is indeed an interesting woman, but it seems like she and the diary author would have been classmates. The Oma of the diary is likely her grandmother (especially given her health issues) and a member of Portland's sizeable German population.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for your comment. The Oma that Estelle mentions frequently throughout the diary is indeed a classmate. On Feb 20th she mentions studying French with her, and on December 13th 1934, she calls up Mr. Hartmus when Oma does not show up at school. The Oma in the obituary lived with a professor named Hartmus, so it seems to me that they are one and the same.