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July-September, 1935

July 1935

July 1  The first of July.  Summer is going too fast.  Helped Tom with his music.  Mother and I took some cherries to Mrs. Curtis.

July 2  Tonight was real good and read four pages of fine print of the French play "Esther."  Tom loaned me some popular songs and I tried to play "Home on the Range."

July 3  Walked over town today, and got some more library books.

July 4  Today was not very warm so instead of having a picnic as planned, we went to the Fox Br. and saw "The Keeper of Bees."  I enjoyed it. 

July 5  Rose came over today.  It seemed awfully good to see her again.  We took a walk and then I showed her some of my school notebooks and annuals. 

July 6  Ruth came over this afternoon.  We walked over town.  She bought some marshmallow cookies which we ate on the way home.

July 7  Went to Sunday School with Ruth.  We planned a picnic for Thursday.  Hope it is a nice day.  Played duet with Mother and read. 

July 8  Uncle Charlie from N.Y. invited us to have dinner with him at the Portland.  It was a grand dinner, muskmelon, onion soup, pineapple + cottage cheese salad, fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, stuffed tomato, fried apple, tea, coconut cream pie.  After dinner Uncle C. took us to his room on the fifth floor.  The halls are wide with cheerful red carpets on the floor.

July 9  Last night was so interested in telling about the dinner I forgot to mention that Mother and I went over town in the morning and got our health cards.  We went over town again this afternoon and I got a free copy of the beautiful Blue Danube.

July 10  Went over to Ruth's and she showed me all her graduation presents and her dress.  She gave me a picture of herself.  We went swimming at Buckman. 

July 11  We had a grand time at McClay Park.  We built a fire and roasted weiners + marshmallows.  Ruth, Mrs. Bell, Mother + I went wading in the creek.  Then Ruth + I followed some trails.  Catch a green bug. 

July 12  I ironed this morning so Mother could sew on her dress.  It is a pretty blue + brown plaid.  She is making it in the shirtwaist style.  She wants to wear it on the picnic tomorrow.

July 13  This is the hottest day that has ever been recorded for Portland 105.  I don't believe I was ever hotter than when Mother and I were walking home after finding out that the swimming pool was closed.

July 14  Still hot today.  Rose called up and asked me to go out the farm with them but I had already planned to go to a park to swim with Mother + Daddy, and just had to swim.

July 15  Had the most wonderful time tonight.  A Moonlight Excursion on the "Swan."  Ruth + I not only saw the eclipse of the moon which was truly marvelous, but meet the most attractive girl, Mildred, a teacher from Colorado.  Even while Ruth + I were walking home eating candy early this morning we talked of our interesting acquaintance. 

July 16  Mrs. King and Patty called to day.  Patty is taking tap dancing lessons.  She danced for us and did remarkably well.

July 17  Had the grandest surprise today.  Oma called me up, she was just going through Portland so didn't have to time to come up and see me. 

July 18  Rose came over and we walked over to Benson and played tennis.  Then we went to Buckman with Daddy to swim.  Mother had a lovely dinner for us and then we played cards. 

July 19  Mother and I walked over town and I bought a good pair of tennis shoes.  One thing bought for my school wardrobe. 

July 20  This afternoon Ruth and I went up to church.  Ruth made a poster to announce the services held in Holliday Park on Sunday eve.  Virginia showed me how to mimeograph so helped with the church bulletin. 

July 21  Went to Creston Park.  We spent the whole afternoon swimming and then had a picnic supper on the green lawn.

July 22  Ruth is reading "How to gain a Personality."  I am afraid I need that book much more than she does.  I don't think there is a girl who is so constantly trying to improve herself and really succeeds as Ruth does. 

July 23  Walked over to the Welfare store with Ruth to get some old fashioned costumes for a programme that the Church is putting on.

July 24  Ironing day- Besides pushing the iron, read a chapter in phychology, had a music lesson, read an act "L'ecole des Femmes", and baked a cake. 

July 25  After breakfast Mother and I walked to Libby's Cannery, but the large crew is not working yet.  Hope they start working in a short time.  I need money so badly and outside of housework there doesn't seem much to do.

July 26  Mother, Ruth, and I walked over to Laurelhurst Park.  Took a small lunch and our books.  In the eve Ruth and I walked over town to the Rivoli.  Both the shows were good.  One was a Zane Grey picture + the other "He fixed everything."

July 27  Went up to church and helped Virginia mimeograph the bulletin this morning.  Then practiced + took a nap to make up the beauty sleep missed last night.

July 28  Went out to the country with Rose's folks and Helen.  We walked down in the woods and had a Weiner Roast.  When we got to Rose's [town?] home we decided to go to Mt Tabor Presbyterian Ch as there a special service for the Japanese students.  As it too far for me to come home to dress for church, Rose lent me some of her clothes for the evening.

July 29  Enjoy swimming ever so much at Buckman tonight.  It is such a lovely tank and they alwasy put clean water just before the hour we go swimming.

July 30  Went out to Reed.  Went to a lecture at the Japanese conference.  there Betsy took Rose and I over to the dormitories to introduce us to some of the J. girls.  They all were very nice.

July 31  Ruth and I walked over town this afternoon.  After we had finished our shopping we bought some candy and cookies and ate them on the way home. 

August 1935

August 1  This evening started to read "The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci" by Merejkowski.  I enjoy his descriptions of people, and his use of words.  I must not leave out the fact that Mother learned to float tonight at Buckman swimming tank.  I think it grand that she has learned so soon. 

August 2  Of course we had to go swimming again this evening, so Mother could get more practice floating, and of course Dad + I enjoy swimming.

August 3  Mother and I walked over town and I had my eyes reexamined.  I did not have to have my glasses changed but he advised that I have a weaker pair of lenses for reading.

August 4  Because this is rather a cool cloudy Sunday, we decided not to go to a park for swimming.  Went to church + hear Rev. Fies. but did not care much for his sermon.  He does not seem to have the ability to stimulate ones thoughts as Dr. Acheson or Dr. Faxon do.

August 5  Walked over to the cannery after breakfast but the women's employment office wasn't open.  Hope I will be able to get work next week.  Got a letter from Oma.

August 6  Went swimming with Mother and Dad again.  Am going to start to learn to dive.  I jumped off from the side of the tank.  Mother is getting along well.

August 7  Wrote a letter to Miss Fanning.  She has had a serious operation.  Hope she will recover quickly and enjoy her work this winter.

August 8  Ruth called up about 12:30 and asked me if I could go to the show with her.  I would have loved to but Rose was coming over so I had to refuse the half an hour afterwards Rose called and said she couldn't come.  Worst luck!

August 9  Mother, Daddy + I saw G. Arliss in Cardinal Richelieu and enjoyed it very much.  Coming home met Mr. Alexander of Morrison bridge.  He invited up in his little room above the bridge.  He recited toasts he had made up himself, played the broom.  He gave me a song which he wrote which he autographed for me.  I think a lot of it.  He has a very nice philosophy, it would be nice if more were like him. 

August 10  Went up to church and helped Virginia mimeograph the church bulletins.  Wrote a letter to Oma and practiced my new song "Salute the Stars in that Old Flag." 

August 11  Went swimming at Creston Park.  I enjoy sitting in the sun shine.  Saw one of the girls from Reed there.

August 12  Ruth, Mother + I went to the Cannery but they haven't started working yet.  Oh why does the season have to be so late!

August 13  This is the second day that Ruth and I have gone to the Vocational School.  We like the teacher ever so much.

August 14  Our teacher Miss Webeck has given us very valuable information about looking for a job.  She say we must sell ourselves to the employer. 

August 15  Our classes are held at the Administration building.  On our way there Ruth and I go through Holiday Park so have been taking our lunch and eating it there and then going to our class which starts at 1:00.

August 16  Today we decided not to take our lunch.  When I stopped for Ruth she hadn't eaten her lunch so I had a cup of cocoa with her and [Lu?].

August 17  Helped Virginia with the mimeographing.  She made a mistake in typing so had to do another stencil and I did not get home until 7:30.

August 18  Went to Sunday school with Ruth.  Made a meat pie for dinner.  Went to church in the evening and saw "The Sign of the Cross" given by Captain Scobell.

August 19  Ruth + I went to a committee meeting at the church this evening.  It was to start the task of putting on a historical Biblical drama, "The Prince of Egypt."

August 20  I stayed home from class today and took things easy.  Read some French and Psychol. and practiced my music.

August 21  Our class studied the application letter today.  At 5:30 tonight Libby's called me up and told em to report for work at 7 o'clock.  My I was thrilled at the prospect of again earning money.

August 22  Today has been rather a hard day.  I did not peal the pears as fast as I wanted to and I cut my finger and had go and have the nurse bandage it.

August 23  Am not quite as tired tonight.  I am working beside two lovely people.  And our forelady is so pleasant. 

August 24  My I was happy when they told we would not have to work Sunday.  I have a sl coming on my eye.  The first one I have had.

August 25  Today have been doctoring my eye.  I couldn't use it at all- not even go to a show.  Been rather a dull Sunday.

August 26  Was very hard to work today.  I couldn't wear my glasses because my eye watered so much I could see through the lens.

August 27  My eye was a little better today.  Saw one of the girls I knew last year today.  Lillian.  She went to business college last winter. 

August 28  Today was pay day.  My check was two dollars and ninety cents.  My eye is much better. 

August 29  Today saw another working companion of last year- Eileen.  She is looking well and is going to the University again this winter. 

August 30  Got through work at noon today so Mother and I walked over town and I bought two pairs of shoes and a pattern for a blouse which resembles a jacket.  Am pleased with my purchases. 

August 31  After work walked over town with Mother.  I bought some blue checked wool to make a blouse which I will also be able to use as a jacket and which I shall wear with my blue shirt.

September 1935

September 1  This has been a very quite Sunday.  I could not help thinking of Oma and wishing I could have gone to South Bend with her.

September 2  This has been truly a labor day for me but am very glad of the opportunity of earning a little money.

September 3  After work I went out to see Rose.  I stayed for dinner.  Rose showed me some more of her needle work.  Had a lovely time.

September 4  Now that I am working Wednesday is, I believe the nicest day of the week- pay day.  Today my check was nine dollars and twenty-one cents.

September 5  Had a lovely birthday.  Mother made me a birthday cake with pretty yellow candles on it.  There were also 2 yellow candles as table decorations.  Mother and Daddy gave me two pairs of hose.  Frykmans gave me a dollar. 

September 6  Tonight listened to Rio Rita given over the Radio and I enjoyed it very much.

September 7  I am so glad we do not have to work tomorrow.  Think of the Bliss of being able to sleep in the morning instead of getting up at 4:30. 

September 8  Daddy went to the baseball game today as a birthday present from Mother and me.  Both Seattle + Portland won one game. 

September 9  Only worked seven hours today.  Mother and I went over town and bought "Long Live the King" by Rhineheart for Edith.  Baked a birthday cake for Daddy. 

September 10  This morning got through work at 8:30- just two hours work- I hate to think of the size of my pay check a week from Wed. 

September 11  Worked until 9 o'clock.  My paycheck was $10.45 just exactly what Beulah's was. 

September 12  Worked until 9:30.  This afternoon got a permanent.  Tonight completes my diary for one year.  My a year ago tonight I was excited and thrilled about starting college.

September 13  Worked until 11 o'clock then Mother and I walked over town and I bought a new pair of stockings + buttons and buckle for my jacket. 

September 14  Worked until 11, came home took a bath, dressed (blue suit), ate lunch and went out to Reed- got there at one.  Saw Rose, was introduced to Elizabeth Rossiter who I discovered only a block from me.  and one of the nicest things was I was assigned to a month of FERA work. 

September 15  Just got home from seeing the drama "The Prince of Egypt" which was very good.  Went to Sunday School with Ruth.  Saw Elizabeth.

September 16  Saw my advisor and Dean of Women today.  Enjoyed Chapel.  Oma and I went over town after school and I bought some material for my blouse goods.

September 17  Went over town again this afternoon after school.  I met Mother at the library went to the new Heathman Hotel + bought my Fr book from a girl.  Walked home with Daddy.

September 18  This evening I studied.  So many times I have wished that one could get all their studying done at school + have evenings free for pleasure.

September 19  Rose + I went swimming then went to movie "William Tell at Church."  Rose ate dinner with us and then we all went to see "The Life of Christ."

September 20  Walked most of the way home with Oma tonight.  We cut through the woods.  It is a very pretty walk.

September 21  Just a week since I started school.  Does seem rather nice to be back.  Just finished writing a letter to Vi.

September 22  Went to Sunday School.  In afternoon went with Mother to see Shirley Temple in "Little Colonel" + Jean Muir in "Delightful."  I enjoyed both movies ever so much. 

September 23  This morning I asked Miss Unger if she had any work for me to do.  She sent me to Miss Renio, the cataloguor.  I am to work Mondays + Fridays. 

September 24  Had both a tennis and gym class today.  Had an FERA or NYA meeting today. 

September 25  Went to my first Psych conf this year.  Just my luck not to know anybody in the conference.  But the time is best for me.

September 26  Oma and I eat our lunch down by the lake.  It is beautiful there.  In the afternoon Rose + I played tennis.  Worked an hour in the libary.

September 27  Did not feel well this afternoon so came home early.  I missed a Fr. class and had to get excused from 3 hours library work.  Will have to work 6 hours Monday to fill my quota for month.

September 28  Wrote me Psych paper on How to Study.  The 1st part of paper is information we have gained on how to study from reading.  The 2nd part is how we ourselves study + how to improve our methods.  My! it is a lovely feeling to have it all done.

September 29  Went to church, copied my Psych paper, practiced my music, took a walk. 

September 30  Am riding to school with Rosemarie and her mother.  It doesn't safe anything and I have to walk six blocks, but it helps them out as I pay them what I pay for car fare.

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