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April-June, 1935

 [in the fold there is a dried flower, perhaps one of the violets mentioned on 4/29]

April 1  Started to play baseball to day.  We cleaned fifty dollars from Reed Riot not bad.  Was fooled only once today.

April 2  Just finished reading The Prince by Machiavelli.  I enjoyed it even tho I don't agree with much that he says.  Yet sometimes it seems he is justified in his opinion.

April 3  April has given us showers in earnest today.  Oma, Peggy, and I went to Art Exhibit and tea at Anna Mann.

April 4  Miss Van Dyne was here for dinner and whist.  I haven't done any studying tonight but because I am sleepy am going to bed.

April 5  Mrs. Knox didn't come to school so didn't have our tap dancing class.  Rosie and I played Bad.  Interesting chapel - talk about Germany + war.  Mr. Scott showed us three of our [Marionettes?].  Clever.

April 6  Mother and I played duets and took a walk.  Mrs. [H?} showed me how to tell fortunes with cards.

April 7  Another rainy day but I have taken two walks.

April 8  I am feeling quite provoked because the biology department makes us learn the musicles, origins, functions + insertions.  I wish they had read Montaigne "On Education."

April 9  A Socialist spoke at chapel today.  Because this is an age of collectism we will either be governed by a dictator, big business monopoly, communists (really dictator), or socialists (best).  Played baseball + our team (I) won.

April 10  As Miss Tenny was not at school for our 11 o'clock Fr. Class, Oma + I took our lunch and walked over to Eastmoreland Golf Course, sat down by the lake.  We gave the ducks a good share of our lunch.

April 11  Been trying to study for a French test, but have been so sleepy afraid I haven't accomplished much.

April 12  Had a student mass meeting against war and fasism.  Six college men spoke then Mr. Libly talked on war with Japan.  May we never have a war they are such horrible, savage affairs.

April 13  Mother and I walked over town.  We bought a pattern for a dress for Mother, and some sweet pea + [Nast.?] seeds.

April 14  Today have had a glorious time.  Eliz, Rose + I went out to Rose's farm.  We walked in the woods all afternoon + catch bugs.  Had supper at Rose's city home and she showed us snapshots and things she had made.  She can do so many clever things with her hands.  Vi was here when I came home.

April 15  Mother and I walked over town and saw "David Copperfield."  I enjoyed it so much.  Each character portrayed his part so well.

April 16  This morning Rose returned my purse which I had left at her house Sun.  Mother + I played cribbage.  Daddy listened to a baseball game + read.

April 17  My! it seems so good not to have to study every evening.  Vacations are lovely things.  Only wish I didn't have to look at a book for a week.

April 18  This morning Mother and I spaded up the ground and planted the sweet peas.  In the afternoon walked over town.

April 19  Mother, Vi and I spent the afternoon in Maclay Park.  I catch a blue butterfly and a green bug.

April 20  Just finished sorting my notes about fains and planning my outline for my next history paper.

April 21  Been a cool showery Easter but had a grand time.  went to S.S. heard "Little Women" over Radio, went over town saw "The Mystery of Edward Drood - Devil Dogs of the Air + to church to see Easter pageant.

April 22  School again. Elizabeth brought me a flower which she got in Japan when there last summer.  Been studying for another muscle test.

April 23  Read "A Doctor In Spite of Himself" by Moliere and enjoyed it so much.  I would tho as Cerf says a farce is a very low form of art.

April 24  Took another vacation from studying this afternoon.  Oma and I took a walk.  I played baseball and then played badminton with Eliz. + besides walked home from 39th.

April 25  Spring is really here, wore a wash dress for the first time this spring.  Rose and I played tennis.

April 26  Saw "The Lower Depths" put on by Reed Players.  I enjoyed it from the standpoint of acting but did not care much for the type of play.  Elizabeth took Rose + me home.

April 27  Mother has finished making a pretty seersucker dress for me.  It has a small orange, yellow, + brown stripe and is made in shirtwaise style.  Mother did a very good job too.  Worked on my history paper.

April 28  Daddy and I went out hunting insects from 1:30 to 7:10 and we were walking all that time, didn't rest once.  Walked along river on West side to Sellwood bridge + crossed to East side passed Oaks Park on way home.  Catch 25 bugs.

April 29  Elizabeth brought me some bugs + some violets.  Rained this afternoon so had to play baseball inside.

April 30  Had fun playing baseball.  Tomorrow Rose, Eliz. + I are going swimming.  Hope it warm + sunshiny tomorrow.

May 1935

May 1  Just finished reading "The Misanthrope."   I enjoyed it but I think that Alceste goes to as much of an extreme in the opposite direction as the people he condemns for being two-faced.

May 2  Elizabeth invited Rose and I to dinner at her home, a bug hunt in Mt. Tabor Park and then a concert at Reed.  Had a lovely time, but going out tomorrow after. + eve. is going to make my school suffer, I am afraid.

May 3  Had a grand time, played tennis, baseball (sophs won).  Betsy, Rose, + I ate out supper in the canyon beside the brook.  Took a walk + then saw Moliere's Les Femmes Savantes, which we enjoyed more than the Lower Depths.

May 4  Worked on my history paper, and it was such a lovely day, I wanted to be outside.

May 5  Had a lovely time catching bugs, got about 25 different kinds.

May 6  The history lecture was interesting today.  Dr. Arrogon talked about the politics in Europe in 17 + 18th centuries.

May 7  Oma and I took a walk around the lake.  After lunch we wanted to take ride in the boat but it was in use.

May 8  It is so pretty and delightful near the lake.  Two swans add to its beauty.  Going to bed early tonight 9:30.

May 9  After lunch Oma and I walked down to the lake and we were able to get to boat so had a grand time.  Eliz A. + I went swimming, played ping pong, and had tap dancing practice.

May 10  Had a pleasant afternoon with no study.  Rosie + I walked around the lake looking for bugs, then we + Eliz. played ping pong, then I had a tennis class, and then Rose + I play tennis.

May 11  Went out to school this morning and write a lit paper this afternoon.  Vi is going to quite work and stay with us in order to look for a sewing job.

May 12  Went to church with Mother.  After dinner we went out bug hunting.  Mrs. Moore came to see Gus but as he was not home yet she visited with us.

May 13  Dr. Arrogon [Sundy] sees to it that we won't stop work because of the 3 days conference held at Reed.  If we don't attend Friday class have to write paper about our opinion on the letters of Crevecoeur.

May 14  Just finished writing forty-five French sentences and am too tired to write any more.

May 15  Today was the first day of the conference.  Pres. Keezer was [?? lo man agrated??].  But nothing much exciting will happen for us until tomorrow.

May 16  Vi came out to Reed for the May fete.  The weather was poor but I really had a good time.  I esp. enjoyed the ballet, the swimming figures + the canoe floats.

May 17  Went to the student assembly for a sort of summarizing of outcome of different conferences.  In afternoon finished the dissection of my cat.

May 18  Vi was not able to get on at Youngs so is going home Sunday on the 11 o'clock bus.  She is tired of housework + wants to sew.

May 19  While Vi and I were polishing our finger nails we heard a knock at the door + who should walk in but Muriel, then her mother, then Lillian  - last Romstad.

May 20  Got home from school at 2.  Seemed so good to leave school early + not work in lab all afternoon.

May 21  Enjoyed myself more in lab than any time this year.  Classifying insects is very interesting.

May 22  I finished the classification of my insects and handed them in.  That is one of the many jobs done, which was left to do before school is out.

May 23  Had a most exciting assembly today.  Everybody got excited and were not slow in saying what they thot.  It all started over a certain article in the Quest and the bribery of Mr. H.

May 24  Rose and I had a grand time playing tennis.  I am tired + sleepy so I going to bed early tonight.

May 25  Went over town with Mother and bought a pattern and seersucker for the cutest outfit- shirt, blouse and shorts.

May 26  Went to Powell Park to see the baseball game.  I got up too late to go to Sunday School but did go to church.

May 27  Rose and I played tennis this afternoon and then we and Betsy went swimming.  The 1st day of reading week gone and no reviewing done.

May 28  This morning Rose and I had a good game of tennis.  In the afternoon I read Boswell's Johnson.  It is one of the most enjoyable things I have read for lit.

May 29  This afternoon made out me program for next year.  Dr. Woodbridge advised me to take Fr 33 besides 22.  I had been planning to take 23 +22, but he thot it was best to try 33.

May 30  Elizabeth, Rose, Oma + I went to Miss Tennys party this evening.  We had a lovely time.  We played games and sang French songs, and had enough refreshments to make a dinner.

May 31  I should study for my exams next week.  I have Lit Monday day morning, Fr Monday afternoon, History Tuesday morning + biology Tuesday afternoon.  As each exam is 3 hours long these two days are going to be hard.  Went to see "Anne of Green Gables."  It was very good.  I believe Anne was my favorite story book heroine.

June 1935

June 1  Mother surprised me with the loveliest pen and pencil set.  It is a pretty mottled effect- dark gray, light gray and red. 

June 2  Been studying for my lit and French exam most the day.  Mrs. Hodgson gave me the prettiest bouquet of flowers, which she brought from the farm. 

June 3  Today has been a long day but I don't think I have flunked any exam.  One nice thing is that at Reed we can get up and leave the exam room and then come back + go on writing.  We can even take our paper + pen + write our exam somewhere else. 

June 4  Hurrah! my last exam has been taken.  Mother, Daddy and I went to the Star Hawthorne to celebrate.  We saw two very good shows, Janet Gaynor in Servant's Entrance + a cowboy picture. 

June 5  Cut out a sport dress today.  It is 3 piece.  A blouse and shirt with buttons down the front and a pair of skorts. 

June 6  Went out to Reed to play tennis with Rose this morning and then the gym wasn't open.  Such luck.  But before I came home I went swimming with Betsy.  In eve. went to see electrical floats on river. 

June 7  Sewed on my dress.  In afternoon, Mother and I went to see Rose Floral parade.  The floats were even prettier than usual.  One was [?} old fashioned stagecoach with beautiful horses.

June 8  While I was at Mrs. H sewing on my dress, Mother came to say that Muriel had come.  She was married suddenly to Joe and they had come down to combine a pleasure + business trip.  Muriel has invited us to go back to Seattle with them. 

June 9  Muriel and Joe took us for a short ride.  We played cards most the afternoon.  Went to church with Ruth.

June 10  This afternoon was River Day.  Our outing was at Grant's Park on the Clackamas R.  Betsy was kind enough to take a few of us girls out in her car which is much more comfortable than the truck.  We had a grand time looking at caves, swimming, eating + singing.  Got home at 10 o'clock.  Got my Griffine.  Like it.

June 11  I enjoyed the drive to Seattle- the scenery was so pretty.  At about 12:30 we stopped at the roadside and had our lunch.  After supper in Seattle Vi and I walked over to Thor's to see the babies.  They are the sweetest things.

June 12  This afternoon Uncle took us for a ride along Alki beach.  It is a beautiful drive.  Seattle is a pretty place but I really like Portland better. 

June 13  Muriel took us over town today.  Vi and I sewed and walked over to Clara's home.  Am having a lovely time.  I wonder if poor Daddy is lonesome.  One of the Canary's feathers. 

June 14  Although it was a rainy day, Uncle took us to Everett to see the oyster cannery.  We had lunch there oyster soup, fried oysters, salad + [scandivids?].  Then we heard a talk + saw movies of oyster industry.  In the evening Thor, Mary + the darling babies came over.

June 15  This morning Mother and I walked down to Alki beach and made a small collection of shells.  In the evening M. Vi, Lil [Tillie?] went to the Granada to see May Robson in "The Grand Old Girl" it was good.

June 16  We went to Woodland Park for a picnic.  We looked at all the animals.  We say a kangaroo with its/her baby in its pouch.  We also walked thru the pretty Rose Gardens. 

June 17  Vi and Mother and I walked over to Mary's to say goodbye to her and the babies.  In the eve. Muriel took us up to the hospital.  The Children were all glad to see Muriel but sorry to find that she was not coming back for steady work. 

June 18  After riding all the way from Seattle home I was so sleepy I forgot to write in my diary and tonight I wrote in the wrong place.  [fixed] Coming home we ran out of gas and had to be pushed to gas station. 

June 19  M. Tillie and Joe left at 10:00.  Mother and I strung up the sweet peas after lunch we walked over town, we got some French books including Fr. [bible?] at the library and had a ride on the new Trackless Trolley.  

June 20  Back to work today.  We washed clothes.  This afternoon I baked a birthday cake for Mother. 

June 21  I started to read the play "Esther" by Racine tonight.  It was not as hard as I expected.  Took a walk this evening. 

June 22  This morning I cleaned out all my drawers.  I sorted and burned a lot of my school papers.  What a job!

June 23  Spent a very quiet Sunday.  We played cribbage, played duets with Mother and listened to the radio.  Heard two very good plays- one "Polly with a past."

June 24  This evening we went to a recital, both piano and voice.  They all did so well it is hard to tell which I enjoyed the most.

June 25  This morning Tom took me out to the farm with him.   Mr. H showed me the chickens, hogs, geese, etc.  But best of all a humming bird's nest with 2 eggs in it. 

June 26  While I was practicing my music Tom came in and because he wants to learn music, I got out my first year music book and helped him with the notes. 

June 27  Mother read "The Cricket on the Hearth" by Dickens out loud.  I like it.  It is so different and he makes such quaint and 'homey' pictures.

June 28  Mother and I have canned cherries and in the afternoon made calls- on the Bendicksons and Curtises. 

June 29  Today Mother and I started another book "Heart of the Hills" by Fox.  I enjoy it, but I really shouldn't take the time to read it.

June 30  Went to church and then in the evening went to see "Roberta" and "Murder in the Skies."  both pictures were good. 

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