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January-March, 1935

January 1935

January 1  We have just finished taking trimmings down from the tree and burned the tree in the fireplace.  Practiced piano, and played cribbage.

January 2  This first day of school was rather pleasant.  When I got home was surprized to find Aunt Tillie here on a visit.

January 3  I went with Oma to see Mrs. Brown whom Oma will start working for.  Then Oma + I played badminton + translated "Zadig."  Vi was here for afternoon + evening.

January 4  Played Badminton with Beth.  In the eve. Ruth + I went to see Mae West in "Belle of the Nineties" and Helen Hays in "What Every Woman Knows."  Helen Hays is a wonderful actor, she portrays her part so well.  The play was very entertaining.

January 5  Aunt Tillie left for home today.  Mother has a bad cold.

January 6  Ruth and I went to Sunday School.  Dr. Faxon compared a man who does not care to take the pains to give minute directions to a person who he knows will never use them to God who doesn't care to show the way to people who do not sincerely want it.

January 7 In Bi Lab today we studied the ascaris.   We had to carefully slit the skin gently pull it back + pin it to the wax in our pan + study the internal anatomy.

January 8  This afternoon we went over to the brook on the Eastmoreland golf course and hunted for hydras and Planarias.  More fun!

January 9  We have started the most amusing story by Voltaire.  It is about Micromegas, an inhabitant of the largest star Sirius and who is twenty-six miles tall.

January 10  Beth and I play Ping Pong and then I played Badminton with Rose.  Then read Conklin's "Heredity."  It is an interesting subject.

January 11  I signed up for tap and clog dancing lessons.  Played five games of badminton today.  2 doubles + 3 singles.  Won 2 singles and Peggy + I lost both doubles.

January 12  Seemed to get more out of my music than usual.  Am learning to play The Purple Pansy Waltz."

January 13  Today at Chapel, I heard Mr. Seger talk.  He escaped from a prison in Germany, where he was put by Hitler.  Mr. Seger gave a very good speech which was not prejudice, but showed the [unjustness??] of Hitler. 

January 14  Because I forgot to write in my diary Sunday I made a mistake and wrote one of todays incidents in Sunday's space.  Sunday Dr. Acheson gave a very good sermon "Conditions that provoke revolution.  I wish Dr. Cerf or Mr. Reynolds could have heard it.

January 15  We have some of the hardest heredity problems to work out for lab work.  And in Bi lecture Dr. Griffin told to make a chart of three generations of peas with 3 dominant and 3 recessive characters.

January 16  At chapel today the candidates were presented for Student body president.  They all gave many good talks, it is hard to tell which will make the best president.

January 17  Oma is going to Salem with her uncle.  She is going to be examined by a doctor because she doesn't feel well.  Hope everything will be O.K.  Had 3 good games of badminton with Florence.

January 18  Margaret, Fred and I went over to Bybee to get some fruit for innoculating for yeast.  Margaret took us in the car but even then I missed my first tap dancing class.

January 19  I have just finished writing a lit paper on Religion and Ethics.  I am sure Mr. Reynolds will not agree with me, but he wants us to express our own opinions.

January 20  This a nice snappy day which reminds of North Dakota.  I enjoy the snow.  Went to both Sunday School and Church today.  Dr. Acheson gave another good sermon "Religious Experiences to Match Revolutionary Passions.

January 21  One disappointment after another.  The pretty snow is melting due to a warm wind, and on top of that had a surprise lit test.  And was it hard or was it hard.

January 22  I shall be glad when this week of exams is over.  It is only 12 o'clock!  I have just finished a chart showing all possibilities for 3 generations from crossing a tall, yellow, round pea with a dwarf, green, wrinkled pea.  Ho Hum!

January 23  Saw the most interesting and altogether wonderful motion picture of cancer tissues.  It showed the fission of the cells in which the spindle etc could be seen.

January 24  At Chapel saw another moving picture of the microscopic study of Leeuwenhoek.  It showed all the little animalcules he discovered, and one of the most interesting things was showing the circulation of blood.

January 25  Yesterday had such a hard biology test that I didn't feel capable of going to French Class so skipped it and took gym instead.  Today had our second tap-dancing lesson.  More fun.

January 26  Mother and I walked over town and I bought the prettiest piece of brown, orange, white, and yellow plaid for a blouse.

January 27  We went to the Laurelhurst theater and saw "The Count of Monte Christo."  I enjoyed it so much.  Mother left her pocket book there.  She has just called up about it and we were all relieved to find that it had been turned in at office.

January 28  [blank]

January 29  Coming home on the street car tonight I met a girl that worked in the cannery last summer.  Seemed good to meet an old fellow workman.

January 30  It was such a lovely day that Flossie and I played tennis.  Flossie is not coming back to school for the 2nd semester, but is going to business college.

January 31 [blank]

February 1935

February 1  [blank]

February 2  We have just got home from church where we heard a negro Mr. Mann (cousin of Ronald Hay) sing.  He + Mr. Ranig (accompanist) were gifted artists.

February 3  Mother and I went over town today and bought a birthday present for Aunt Annie.  We got some material for a dress.

February 4  In Bi lab we have started the study of tissues.  We have to know their structure so well that if Mrs. Thomson put a slide under our microscope we will be able to identify the kind of tissue it is.

February 5  This afternoon Marjorie and I walked down to the Canyon and hunted for spirogyra to feed our tadpoles.

February 6  After Oma and I got through eating this noon we read French out loud.  In History lecture conf. we discussed the method of teaching history at Reed.

February 7  After lunch Oma and I sat on the library steps and translated our French.  We went to the tea this afternoon at Anna Mann Cottage.

February 8  Myrtle Van Dine came down and we played whist.  Mother and Myrtle V.D. won.

February 9  Mother and I walked over town and I bought a pair of white sport shoes.  Virginia V. came over to see me.  She is going to business c.

February 10  While going to Sunday School I found a car ticket.  Went to league with Virginia and Marie.

February 11  Had a nice refreshing shower this morn and this afternoon the sun came out, so it was a lovely day, with just enough rain to make the air pure.

February 12  Had an interesting Freshman meeting today.  Dr. Cerf + Pres. Keezer had could one say, a debate about the scholarship of Freshman class.

February 13  Have just finished reading "A Midsummer's Night Dream" and is a a pleasant contrast from Dante.  Had more fun playing Ping Pong.

February 14  Mr. Hardiman, violinist played at chapel today.  He did very well.  Rose + I played against Helen + Jean in a Badminton tournament.  R + I lost.

February 15  Yesterday Mother gave me the prettiest seersucker (orange, brown + yellow stripe) for a Valentine.  She gave Daddy a shirt.  Rose + I lost another badminton match but it was more fun.

February 16  I reread Dante today, to get some material for my next lit paper.  Daddy and I won playing whist from Mother + Miss Van Dine.

February 17  A Japanese girl spoke at league tonight on The Race Problem.  She did very well.

February 18  Miss Tenney wasn't at school today, so because we didn't have our French Class, Oma and I read the 1st act of "Romeo + Juliet."  Although Rose + I lost our badminton match we made our opponents work hard.

February 19  Daddy went down to the auditorium to hear a speaker talk on the Townsend Old Age pension.  Mother + I worked on French.

February 20  Oma and I had our first reviews French grammar lesson with Jane C.  Have been reading "Colomba"  So far I like it very much.

February 21  Janet and I went over town this afternoon to see "It Happened One Night" and "We Two Alone."  Both were very good.  When I got home Vi was standing behind the door and tried to scare me.

February 22  Today has been a holiday and although me intentions were to work on my history paper I have succeeded in wasting today.

February 23  Just finished reading "Romeo + Juliet."  I like Shakespeare, he is a pleasant change from Dante "The Divine Comedy."

February 24  Mother + I went to see Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch."  It was excellent, so full of fun.  I think Mrs. Wiggs is a spendid character.  Daddy went to Bonneville.  Vi was here when I got home.

February 25  Am tired + sleepy -  been trying to study for 3 tests.

February 26  Today has been a hard day.  Had 3 tests.  When we came to lab 25 microscopes were set up with tissues, organs structure to identify.  We only had a minute to look at them.  Oh I am sleepy!

February 27  Played Badminton with Florence and played basket ball in gym class.

February 28  Rose and I played Badminton and had more fun.  Just finished reading Baldwin "Organization of Medieval Christianity." 

March 1935

March 1  Today has been a beautiful day -  so warm and balmy.  Hope March will give us many like it.

March 2  It is exacting 3 A.M. and thank goodness my history paper is finished.  That is all but coping it.

March 3  This afternoon we walked to the Oregon and saw two great talkies "Big Hearted Herbert" and "Lady by Choice.

March 4  In lab we have started the study of bones - both human and cat.  We have to pass a test on bones before we can begin dissecting our cat.

March 5  Finished coping my history paper on Cicero.  I'm sleepy.

March 6  It has rained hard all day today.  I prefer March winds to rain.  Just finished reading a chapter in "Colomba."  Enjoy it.

March 7  This afternoon Oma and I went over to Anna Mann and Elenor gave us a facial.  It has cleared up today and I enjoyed the sun so much.

March 8  Instead of translating French in class, we looked at pictures of France which Miss Tenney brought to class.  Mother and Miss Van Dyne won in whist.

March 9  Read MacBeth and King Lear today.  Mother and I learned The duet, Minuet in G, and reviewed the old duets.

March 10  Mother, Ruth and I went to the play "Lydia, Seller of Purple" at church.  Daddy has a boil so didn't feel like going.

March 11  Took my bone test and started dissecting my cat.  It is black and white.  I must think up a good time for him.   Poor thing.

March 12  Been studying for a history test and am now very sleepy.

March 13  Learned a new game, Shuffleboard.  And I won.  Started to read "Don Quixote."  I enjoy it.

March 14  Had a small game of badminton with Janet but she won.

March 15  Our tap dancing class is going to give the Merry Widow Waltz at the Reed Riot which are vaudeville acts put on the college women.

March 16  Went over town in the morning then practiced piano.

March 17  Elizabeth Prideaux told about her trip to Japan in League tonight.  She gave such an interesting unformal account.

March 18  Had a French test today.  I did not go to my lit class, so that I could study for my test, and then I heard we had a surprise test in lit.  Oh dear - such is life.

March 19  Had a special dance practice today because we are going to dance at the Reed Riot.  Been reading history and oh am so sleepy.

March 20  Of all things - it snowed a little this morning.  Tomorrow is campus day and the radio has forcast rain + snow.

March 21  After Campus day I am tired.  This morning swept leaves + worms off tennis courts + then painted lines.  All one our dinner - then Basket ball game + dance.

March 22  Spent the whole afternoon in the gym practicing our dance and cutting patterns for our costumes.  Ruth, Alice + I went to see "The Tinker" this eve.

March 23  Mother and I spent most the day cutting out my costume for the Merry Widow Waltz.

March 24  Had to study today.  We have to write out fifty questions over all the biology covered this year.

March 25  Am sleepy and tired.  Been trying to learn, origin, [insertion?], + function of muscles and of what imp. is it to know it.

March 26  Had a hard test over muscles of a cat.  We had to give the names of those of the upper arm, give their origin, insertion function.

March 27  Because we had dress rehearsal (at 7 o'clock) for Reed Riot Rose, Mary, Janet and I stayed and eat our suppers in one of the girls' room at House C.

March 28  The Reed Riot is over and successfully so.  Rose's father brought us home.  Everyone agreed that stunts went off well + were clever.

March 29  Today has been a day to sort of let down after the bustle of excitement and what have you.  Played 3 games of badminton with Rose.

March 30  Read several essays of Montaigne but didn't really enjoy them.  Maybe because I wanted to be out in the beautiful sunshine and had to force my-self to read.

March 31  Mother and I had a lot of fun playing duets.  Was planning on going bug hunting but it is too rainy. 

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