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October-December, 1935

October 1935

October 1  Turned my time slip for N.Y.A. today.  Thank goodness I was able to get my required hours in although had to work six hours yesterday to do it.

October 2  Rose is lucky.  She has no classes on Wednesday.  She has a nice holiday in the middle of the week.

October 3  Played Badminton with Rose.  Seemed so good to be playing it again.  I certainly enjoy the game.

October 4  Because it was rainy Rose + I + a Japanese girl played tennis indoors.  Then I + J. went swimming.  It was cold but lots of fun.

October 5  Mother + I went over town and she bought a pretty pair of shoes.  I bought a pair of stockings, and a box of powder.  Meet Alice + later Lillian- had a nice visit.

October 6  Mother and I went to church when we came home listened to the last part of the world series.  The Cubs won today's game.

October 7  Worked in the library - erased books, cut leaves and pasted labels.  Oma showed me the prettiest basket which her aunt made for her.  Tigers won world series.

October 8  Played tennis and soccer today.  Today Dr. Griffith was a absent minded professor in earnest.  He forgot to come to class until someone looked him up.

October 9  Reed is going to have a moonlight hike.  We leave college at 8:30 Saturday night + ride in a truck as far as Multnomah Falls.  From there we climb Larch Mountain so that we get at the top in time for the sunrise.

October 10  Enjoyed Campus days.  Racked leaves again this year.  Florence and I watched the tug of war.  But sad to say the Sophs were pulled thru the lake.  They tried to throw the freshie pres. in the lake.

October 11  Today played tennis went swimming.  Enjoyed chapel- entertained by tune detective.  Worked four hours in the afternoon because our time slips were due.

October 12  This morning tried on my hiking outfit.  Went with Mother to get new battery for our flashlight.  I slept for about two hours this afternoon.  Left College at about 9:30 in a truck for Multnomah Falls.  It was a lovely moonlight night.

October 13  Got home around 12:30.  After a bath had dinner.  Then took a nap.  Will never forget the hike.  The view from the summit was suberb.  On one side one could look down + see only space.  On the other side we watched the mist [move?] away + gradually distinguish outlines of Mt Hood, etc.

October 14  Today for the first time I worked upstairs at the desk in the library.  I think that I will like it, but is all a little confusing at first.

October 15  Had lots of fun in gym today.  We played soccer.  Florence is going to buy Rose's and my masks for the Masquerade Saturday night.

October 16  At Chapel heard a French talk given by the French consul of San Francisco.  I could only recognize words here and there.

October 17  I went out for gym today.  Played tennis with Florence and went swimming with Goldie.

October 18  After working in the library went home for dinner and then returned to school to dance in the social room.

October 19  Alice loaned me some bracelets + beads to make my gypsy costume more effective.  I went out to Rose's at 6:30.  We dressed + her father took to the Coed Ball.  We enjoyed ourselves so much + stayed to slumber party afterwards. Boys staked some rooms, fortunately ours was not.

October 20  Got home this morning about 10 o'clock and as we didn't sleep much last night, I took a nap.  Just listened to Eddie Cantor.  He surely pulls some good jokes.

October 21  Rose and I played Squash with two other girls and we won both games.  Hurray for our side.  This afternoon I pasted labels, stamped, + filed.

October 22  Today has been a lovely day.  The sun has been shiny so brightly and the air is chill + snappy.  It reminds me of fall days at home.

October 23  At Chapel heard Mr. Stephens, an Irish poet speak.  One of the things he said was after we had filled our minds if we proceeded to empty them we could write originally.  He read several of his poems.  

October 24  Had a Psych test today.  This afternoon Rose and I played on the Sophomore team but the freshman beat us 2-0.  But there were 3 less people on our team.

October 25  Enjoyed tennis and it was a lovely day for it.  Our French 33 Class had lunch together and Mr. M talked on Descartes.  Went to tea.  Peggy, Rose + I ate supper at College then danced. 

October 26  Mother and I walked over town and I bought the prettiest rust color zipper twin sweater brush wool set.  I love it especially the color. 

October 27  Went to church and also to the movies.  Saw "Les Miserables" and "My Heart is Calling."  Both were good.  "Les Miserables" is a strong dramatic story. 

October 28  Played squash today.  Worked at filling cards.  Enjoyed wearing my new sweater.  The rust color is almost a rose red + satisfies something in me. 

October 29  Have just taken some our plants in from window box + covered others with paper and hope they will not freeze.  It snowed today which made me very happy.  Played badminton.

October 30  It is very cold but I like bright cold snappy days.  I wonder if it is because it makes me think of Dakota.  Although I would not care to live there I will always have a warm spot in my heart for it. 

October 31  Rose and I came home early today.  I wrote a lit paper on the Improvement of Faust. 

November 1935

November 1  Rose invited me to her home for dinner.  We played a game (forgotten the name) after eating.  It is still very cold.

November 2  Started to read the Diary of a Maiden."  She was a Russian Princess at Catherine's court.  It is very interesting.

November 3  Mother, Daddy and I saw "Naughty Marietta."  I enjoyed it so much could go and see it again.  The story was very interesting and the music wonderful.

November 4  Today read book selves in the library.  Rather like it but is awfully hard on one's eyes.

November 5  It seemed so good not to have to work this afternoon.  Had a good time playing in gym after Fr. Class.

November 6  We are well on in November.  These Turkeys at the bottom of the page remain me of Thanksgiving + vacation.

November 7  Florence, Rose, and I have decided that it would be jolly fun to go Skating some Thursday afternoon.

November 8  Rose and I stayed at College to eat our dinner.  Then we danced in the social room.

November 9  Mother + I walked over town- it is really beginning to be a Saturday custom.

November 10  Went to Church.  Dr. Acheson preached a good sermon "The Ghost of Caesar."

November 11  Armistice day but no vacation for me- Classes to go to and library work to do.  Such is life.

November 12  I am going to enjoy this week.  The Carnival is Friday.  And it was such fun last year.  Something nice to look forward to. 

November 13  Rose + I are on the Wheel of Change Committee and we are going to hash in the evening so we will be plenty busy.

November 14  Took my white elephant today, a little manicuring set.  The girls have all brought nice white elephants.

November 15  This has been a busy day.  But the carnival is great fun.  Rose and I hashed and worked in the wheel of change booth.  Bought some white elephants. 

November 16  Busy doing common place things.

November 17  Was very good and went to Church.

November 18  When it is time to get up Monday morning I always dread getting up and going to school but I enjoy it when I get there.  Heard Sherlock Holmes, very good.

November 19  Had lots of fun playing volley ball.  This evening listened to Covered Wagon Days.  Enjoyed it.

November 20  It was such a lovely day played tennis.  It really is much nicer being outside than in the Gym.

November 21  Was disappointed today because Leanna didn't show up to give us our Ping Pong lesson.  Have a long lesson in Fr.  34 pages.

November 22  Rose came home from school with me.  Mother had a lovely dinner for us.  We played whist in the evening.

November 23  Mother and I walked over town.  We saw the a cunning window display of the Alps.  There was an inn train, cows with tails that wagged, chickens, mountain climbers, butting goats, etc.

November 24  We saw the best movie today "The Whole Town is Talking" with Edward G. Robinson.

November 25  The Sophomore Volley ball team played the seniors and did we or did we get beaten.  75-11.  It was great fun tho.  Heard Gish quite in Down East over Radio, very good.

November 26  In gym class played Volley Ball, had lots of fun.  Rose is lucky she doesn't have to come to school tomorrow so has 5 days of vacation.

November 27  My it seems good not to study to night.  And I am looking forward to tomorrow as a day in which not one speck of studying will be done.

November 28  Again this year we enjoyed the Thanksgiving service in the Auditorium.  In the middle of the prayer the lights went out and did not come on for some 5 or 10 minutes.  Had a lovely dinner.  Mr. H. gave us some ice cream.  Saw 'The Call of the Wild' and Man of [Arrance?].  Enjoyed them.

November 29  And Thanksgiving day is past, but 3 more days of vacation and Oh how I will enjoy them.

November 30  Went over town.  Everything is taking on a Christmas aspect.  The store windows are all decorated for Christmas.  L.W. Store has a little moving picture in their window showing The Night Before Christmas- Mickey Mouse.

December 1935

December 1  Mother and I went to the Evangilical Church in Ladd Addition.  It is a pretty little church.  After dinner we all walked over town to go to a movie.  We noticed it was [pickeded?] as came home without seeing a movie.

December 2  Filed cards for 3 1/2 hours in the library today.  Heard a good play over the radio this evening 'The Swan.'

December 3  Oma has got excused from taking gym.  I think the gym is one of the nicest things about Reed.  I had just loads of fun playing Volley Ball today.

December 4  Came home right after lit lecture today wasn't feeling well so laid down until 5 o'clock.

December 5  This evening finished my lit paper on tracing the development of Worthsworth through his poetry.  No easy job for me. 

December 6  Our Sopomore played another volley Ball game this afternoon.  We got beat but oh how fun the playing was.  This even. started reading on [Gedards?] for my Psych paper. 

December 7  It has rained all day today- really a fine time to study, read some Psych and Lamb.  I like him.  Mother + I played cribbage after supper.

December 8  We went to the Star Hawthorne today and saw Will Rogers in 'Doubting Thomas' a good comedy + another picture.  a take off on Psych.

December 9  Played Ping Pong with Thelma and she won.  She is a very good server.

December 10  Have been busy this evening studying French, and I wanted to get time to study for my Psych test but it is 10 and I am going to bed.

December 11  Had a test in Psychology today.  They were all true + false questions but very tricky.

December 12  Rose and I helped prepare for the A.R.A. tea today.  It was really fun.  We set the table + made oodles + oodles of tiny sandwitches.

December 13  This is the first Friday eve. I have studied for don't know when.  I read for my Psychology paper. 

December 14  Read for my P. paper, practiced, read Lamb, took a walk, ate my meals, listened to Radio- all my day consisted of.

December 15  Most of today I read Lamb's essays and about gland + gland + more glands.  This eve. went to church to hear The Holy City.

December 16  Only four more days until vacation and oh how glad I will be.  Heard "The Truth" a play over the radio.  Enjoyed it.

December 17  Played my Ping Pong match with Josefhina and won.  Rose wasn't at school today.  I hope neither she or her mother are sick.

December 18  I came home early today to write my Psych paper on Glands of Internal excretion.  I am glad it has to be in before vacation so will have vacation without study.

December 19  Rose came to school just for a minute to bring her Psych paper.  Has a bad cold.  I finished my Psych paper tonight. 

December 20  And vacation has come.  Oh it seems nice to look again, to a two weeks vacation.  We trimmed the Christmas tree tonight.  Played badminton match with Mary and won.

December 21  Mother and I walked over town + did some more Christmas shopping.  When we got home Frykman's present was waiting for us.  I [? ? ?].  Oh boy.

December 22  As usual went to church.  Dr. A. preached a very good sermon.  At 5:30 we saw the Christmas Drama, which was very good + scenery was effective.

December 23  Mother and I went over town and we finished our Christmas shopping.

December 24  This Christmas eve we opened all our Christmas cards.  They were all very pretty and best of all most had notes on.

December 25  This Christmas after opening our presents we had breakfast, did up the work + then walked over to the United Artist to see The Tale of Two Cities.  We enjoyed it ever so much.

December 26  We received a letter from Aunt Annie today in which she said there was a possibility that she + E. + F. would come out to see us.  Mother + I began planning places where we would take them.

December 27  Miss Van Dyne came over for dinner and then whist.  Daddy + I won.  Hurrah for our side.

December 28  Mother + I read a novel today "My Lady of the South" by Parrish.  I enjoyed reading something light again.  I wonder if I can ever outgrow my love of a good story. 

December 29  We went to two entertaining movies today.  'His Woman' and 'Stolen Harmony.'  Played Ping Pong.

December 30  Daddy and I played four games of ping pong.  Heard some good programs over the radio.  Mother + I were going over town but it rained.

December 31  Went over town, played ping pong, listened to radio.  Not going to watch New Year in this year.  Haven't even made any resolutions yet.  Think I will decide which one to make when in bed.

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